How to “Sell” During Your Job Interview


You’ve heard you need to sell yourself – and your background and experience – during a job interview. But what exactly does that mean? And if you don’t have any sales skills, how exactly do you go about doing that?

As one of Kansas City’s top employment agencies, Morgan Hunter has the answers you need. Here are some tips to promote your abilities during a job interview, so you stand out and make the best impression possible:

1. Research the company online.

If you want to sell yourself in an interview, you need to know your audience first. And that means learning all you can about the company and its mission, vision, and values.

Employers want candidates who understand who they are and what they do. So when you do this kind of legwork, you’ll score points there. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to better align your background and skills with their exact needs in your interview answers, better persuading the hiring manager that you’re the best match for the job.

2. Tell stories.

One of the most effective ways to set yourself apart from other candidates is by illustrating your experience with a story. Before your interview, think of two or three examples of past accomplishments that are most relevant to the company and the position. Then practice what you’re going to say when you tell the hiring manager about them.

Typically, the best format to follow is to discuss the challenge, your solution, how you implemented it, and the end results you achieved. Whatever you talk about, it’s important to come across as enthusiastic and authentic.

3. Quantify accomplishments.

When you’re discussing your value, avoid empty clichés, like “team player” or “hard worker.” Numbers sell. So instead, wherever you can, quantify your accomplishments with figures, such as percentages and dollars.

4. Cover the basics.

In addition to the tips above, make sure you show up to the interview on time, treat everyone you meet respectfully and wear appropriate attire. You can have the strongest background and most pertinent experience, but if you’re not dressed right for the interview, the hiring manager won’t be impressed.

5. Ask questions.

When you have a list of smart questions to ask the hiring manager, it shows that you’re well prepared, thoughtful and enthusiastic about the opportunity – all without you having to say a word. Not only that, but asking your own questions allows you to learn more about the specifics of the job, so you can better determine whether it’s the right fit for you.

Interested in more tips and advice on effective interviewing?

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