How Recruiters Take the Guesswork Out of the Job Search

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Job searching can be a daunting and overwhelming time. From scouring job boards to crafting an exceptional resume that stands out, there’s a lot that goes into finding a position that aligns with your skills, experience and career goals. Thankfully, recruiters know exactly what to do in these taxing moments. They are the ultimate partner… Read More »

Which IT and Cybersecurity Certifications Are Valuable to Employers?

African American young developer in eyeglasses concentrating on his online work on computer sitting at workplace

  In the far-reaching world of Information Technology (IT), certifications are a great way to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area. But with so many different options out there, it can be difficult to know which certifications employers value most. Let’s take a look at which certifications companies look for so that you can… Read More »

New Grads: Unlock Your Job Search Potential with the Help of a Recruiter

experienced talent recruiter helps college student find a job through contract work

As a recent college graduate, you face an exciting but daunting challenge. You just earned a degree – champagne for all! But once the confetti is vacuumed away, it’s time to put that prestigious piece of paper to work. On day one of the rest of your life, how do you go about finding the… Read More »

Ask a Recruiter: Should Your Resume Be Written in 1st or 3rd Person?

Ask a Recruiter

  Every third Thursday of the month, we answer questions submitted to us from Kansas City area job seekers and employers. This week, we answer a question from job seeker James Cross.   Should your resume be written in 1st or 3rd person?   Great question, James. You’re certainly not the first person to ask… Read More »

How to “Sell” During Your Job Interview

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  You’ve heard you need to sell yourself – and your background and experience – during a job interview. But what exactly does that mean? And if you don’t have any sales skills, how exactly do you go about doing that? As one of Kansas City’s top employment agencies, Morgan Hunter has the answers you… Read More »

What Happens to Your Resume After You Apply for a Job?

Resume applications on the desk ready to be reviewed

  You spend hours seeking out job leads, crafting the perfect resume, and proofreading it again and again. Then you submit it…only to wait, wait and wait some more. What gives – and what exactly happens to your resume after you hit the “send” button? Your resume is screened. As experienced Kansas City recruiters, Morgan… Read More »

4 Ways to Improve Your Tech Skills and Become More Hirable

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  You want to advance your tech career. But that’s tough to do when you have a gap in your skill set. Whether it’s with a certain programming language or your ability to manage IT projects, the results are the same: You’re overlooked for new opportunities and promotions. What can you do? You need a… Read More »