Maximizing Efficiency and Flexibility with Strategic Staffing Plans

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What’s Inside? Working with Experts Adapting to Changing Business Demands Optimizing Expenses through Strategic Staffing  Identifying Skill Gaps and Training Needs Within Your Organization Empowering Your Organization with a Comprehensive Staffing Plan In a world where innovation and economic shifts occur at warp speed, having a solid plan is your way of preparing for whatever… Read More »

Master the Art of Newsjacking and Land Your IT Dream Job

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  Nothing quite compares to the excitement of finding a new job, especially when it’s in the rapidly growing and constantly changing world of Information Technology (IT). Resource sites like LinkedIn are incredibly helpful to network with established professionals. Since many organizations actively recruit through online professional communities, engaging in them can give job seekers… Read More »

Comparing today’s housing and job markets: How to navigate a candidate’s market to get the talent you need

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A good home sells quickly, and so does a well qualified job candidate. Morgan Hunter recruiters and talent experts Adam Loewen and Harry Brewer give their advice for landing top talent in this competitive market.… Read More »

6 Skills You’ll Need To Be An IT Leader

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As an IT professional, you’re in-demand. But if you want to get ahead and advance your career into a leadership position, there’s a lot of competition. That’s why you need to invest in yourself and your career. But where do you begin? As tech headhunters in the Kansas City area, Morgan Hunter has the answers… Read More »

Seven Ways to Implement New Technology in Your Candidate Search

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  Technology has forever changed the way tech job candidates and employers interact. Rather than posting a position and screening talent, today’s approach to recruitment is more about engagement and relationships, all while using the most sophisticated tools available. That means if you’re still only sticking to traditional methods, you’re losing a competitive advantage when… Read More »

The Manager’s Guide to Recruiting IT Employees in 2019 and Beyond

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It’s a candidate’s world in IT. The lack of qualified technology professionals is even beginning to become a crisis in certain industries. For instance, as hackers run rampant, the cybersecurity field is experiencing a major shortage. One estimate puts that number at 3.5 million unfilled positions globally by 2021. So if you’re searching out new… Read More »

How to Help Top IT Talent Succeed

  At 2.2 years, Facebook has what’s considered a “long” retention rate for new hires. Google isn’t far behind with 1.9 years and Apple with 1.85 years. It’s an unfortunate reality of the industry that often the best tech professionals are the ones who are always searching for new and different opportunities. So if these… Read More »

10 Essential Questions to Ask a Tech Recruiter (Before Applying with Them)

  If you work in the tech industry, chances are you’ve been contacted by a recruiter. As you know, those with IT skills and experience are in high demand. And it certainly can be flattering for you. But before you make a move and hand over your resume, make sure their level of expertise and… Read More »

7 Tips to Help You Hire Top IT Talent in the Kansas City Area

  Are you struggling to find the right caliber of IT talent? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to, the tech industry unemployment rate hovered between 2.1% and 2.9% in 2016. That’s great news for IT candidates and tech professionals; not so much for employers. (And if you’re wondering what the hardest… Read More »