Leveraging AI and Recruiting Agencies for Successful Candidate Searches

In today’s competitive job market, it’s not easy for employers and HR professionals to find and attract the best talent. Thanks to technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), the recruitment landscape has undergone a significant transformation. AI has revolutionized the way companies find, screen and hire candidates, making the process more efficient and effective than ever… Read More »

Unlocking Tomorrow: Why Succession Planning is Crucial for Your Business’s Future

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What’s Inside? Understanding the Essence of Succession Planning Key Considerations in Succession Planning Making Succession Planning Easier What Happens When You Don’t Utilize Succession Planning Tips to Initiate Effective Succession Planning   In the dynamic landscape of business, succession planning stands as a pivotal yet often overlooked strategy. Whether you’re steering a multinational corporation or… Read More »

Mastering the Art of Interviewing: Effective Questions for HR and Recruiters  

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What’s Inside? What Makes a Good Interview? Interviewing In-Office vs Virtually Active Listening and Effective Communication Structured Approach and Clear Objectives Opportunities for Candidate Engagement and Questions  Questions to Ask Candidates Categorizing Interview Questions by Objectives How to Sell Your Company in an Interview Thought Provoking Interview Questions What Can a Candidates Body Language Tell… Read More »

Master the Art of Newsjacking and Land Your IT Dream Job

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  Nothing quite compares to the excitement of finding a new job, especially when it’s in the rapidly growing and constantly changing world of Information Technology (IT). Resource sites like LinkedIn are incredibly helpful to network with established professionals. Since many organizations actively recruit through online professional communities, engaging in them can give job seekers… Read More »

Everything You Want to Know About Marketing Jobs

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Are you looking for a job that allows you to be creative, make an impact, and get paid? A career in marketing might be what you’re looking for! From content creation to digital strategy, there are many opportunities available. Let’s take a look at the wonderful world of marketing jobs!   What do marketers do?… Read More »

How to Network Your Way to Success While Still in College

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Ready to turbocharge your career prospects? College students, gear up! Networking can open doors you never knew existed and set you on a successful career path that will reap benefits far beyond your diploma. It’s a great way to make connections and find opportunities for pending graduates looking for internships, jobs, or advice about what… Read More »

In annual salary guide, Morgan Hunter reports up to 30 percent pay increase for entry-level employees

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Kansas City, Mo. — In its annually published salary guide, local employment agency Morgan Hunter has reported significant salary upticks for employees in Kansas City following the Great Resignation, including up to a 30% increase in various industries. The average reported increase across all reported roles was 6.41%.  … Read More »

35 years in the making: Q&A with Morgan Hunter CEO Jerry Hellebusch

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In honor of our anniversary, we sat down with founder Jerry Hellebusch to look back over the last 35 years, hear the story behind the name, review Morgan Hunter’s growth over the years and to take in some of Jerry’s most valuable advice.… Read More »


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When we think of the people responsible for educating our children, we typically think of teachers. But there is another unsung hero in America’s classrooms whose job is just as important as a teacher’s — the paraprofessional. Like those who lead the classroom, paraprofessionals require a substitute in their absence. Paraprofessionals, also known as paras,… Read More »

Chalk up a win with staffing firm services

Chalk up a win for staffing firms

You have a stellar in-house HR department. They’ve handled plenty of hiring over the years. So, why would you need a recruitment agency to help with staffing needs? Let’s go with a baseball analogy: A team’s pitching staff is full of specialists—starting pitchers, long relief pitchers, short relief pitchers, set-up pitchers and closers. While a… Read More »