5 New Resume Trends You Should Follow

Job interview. Recruitment Hand.


Your resume is the most important tool you have in your job search. You need it to make an impact, to stand out, and to ultimately land you an interview. Your resume won’t accomplish any of these unless it is modern, fresh and adheres to the latest trends in resume writing.

If you’re about to start a new job search, you need to get your resume up-to-speed. So before you submit your application, review these 5 resume trends:


Share Social Media Handles

In the age of social media, you can be sure that recruiters and potential employers are already reviewing your social media profiles. It helps them get to know you better than the relatively little information they can gather from your resume. Be proactive and offer links to your social media profiles so they don’t have to waste time seeking them out. Use caution though! Before you share links to your profiles, be sure that they project the professional image you want employers to see.


Delete Your Mailing Address

Mailing addresses on resumes is an antiquated practice left over from the pre-Internet era. A mailing address serves little to no purpose in today’s world. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, remove your mailing address from your resume to declutter and modernize your resume.


Create an Online Resume

Creative professionals have long had online portfolios to share examples of their work with potential employers. Today, professionals from all industries and professions are creating online resumes or portfolios to sell themselves to potential employers. No matter your profession, you too could benefit from an online resume. It could include a picture of you, a copy of your resume, a list of accomplishments, a list of relevant skills, examples of presentations, awards, certifications and a blog to showcase your industry knowledge. Provide a link to your online space on your LinkedIn profile and resume.


Creative Resume Design

In order to stand out, many job seekers are employing creatively designed resumes. Your resume doesn’t need to be a work of art. A splash of color and some icons or graphics can be enough to spruce up your resume.


Add Keywords for Applicant Tracking System  

Many employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage their recruitment efforts. An ATS allows the user to search resumes for keywords or phrases, much like a search engine. This tool helps employers identify which applicants included those keywords on their resumes, and can help determine which applicants have the experience and skills necessary for the position. To get an idea of what keywords employers are searching for on your resume, review the job posting. Use some of the same words they use to describe the person or skills they are looking for.