4 Ways to Attract (and Retain!) Star Talent

You have a team you’re proud of – and you want to keep it that way. But one of the challenges you may face is how to attract and retain the best talent for it. To help you find the stars you need – where and when you need them – keep these tips in mind:

Learn About What’s Important to Them

As one of the a leading staffing services firm serving Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows if you want to hire the best and keep them on your team, then it’s important to find out what they value. Do the types of people you need want more flexible work schedules? Comprehensive development opportunities? Or the opportunity to advance within the company? Whatever it is, it’s important to know what your stars want so you can give it to them.

Offer Plenty of Feedback

Too often, employers take their top performing employees for granted and never offer any recognition or praise. But people want to be recognized and rewarded for going the extra mile or consistently delivering top results. Likewise, star talent wants constructive feedback too. So if there’s a skill they need to acquire or enhance in order to advance within the company, then communicate it to them. They’ll thank you for it.

Provide Development Opportunities

Top employees want to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. They want to acquire new knowledge, obtain a diverse skill set and work on challenging projects. And research shows that employees – young talent, in particular – will leave an organization if they don’t see opportunities to learn and grow. That’s why it’s important for your company to invest in training environments, incorporate new technologies, and employ digital learning tools.

Be a Great Manager

You can offer all of the above and more. But if you’re a weak manager, your star employees aren’t going to stay on your team for very long. So don’t just look at what your employees can do for you; look at what you can do for them. Invest in yourself and your managing efforts. If you have some weak areas, strive to improve them. Be open and honest when assessing yourself. Your team will be much stronger in the long run as a result.

Do you need more help attracting and retaining stars for your team? Call Morgan Hunter. As one of the a leading staffing services firm serving Kansas City, we have the knowledge, proven processes, and years of experience to help you hire and retain the employees you need, with the right skills and personalities. Contact Morgan Hunter today to learn more.