How to Inspire Team Creativity (to Increase Productivity!)

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows that creativity drives innovation. It’s the force behind new ideas, new products and new ways of reaching and serving customers. However, all too often, daily tasks and hot projects get in the way of promoting a culture of creativity. But did you know that when you inspire creativity you can also actually increase productivity? Employees are more engaged, more loyal and more satisfied in the workplace. To help you encourage creativity, here are a few key tips:

Offer outlets for creativity.

Some employees will approach you directly when they have a new idea. Others, though, will simply keep it to themselves or let it fall by the wayside as they juggle daily responsibilities. That’s why it’s important to offer outlets for creativity. Host monthly brainstorming sessions, schedule weekly brown bag lunches, and encourage employees to collaborate with each other to spark creativity and innovation.

Ditch the status quo.

It’s easy to get caught up in “business as usual” when you’re busy. However, doing so won’t lead to better products, more market share or increased profitability. So when an employee comes to you with a risky idea, or you’re holding a brainstorming session, keep an open mind. Ditch phrases like “we couldn’t…” and “but…” Nothing should be outside the realm of possibility.

Reward creativity.

If you want to inspire creativity, then you need to motivate employees to think outside the box. To kick start the process, present a problem and task employees with developing a solution to it. Reward those employees who offer the best solution, whether it’s a monetary prize, an extra day off, or simply company-wide recognition.

Create a positive work environment.

When employees are constantly operating under strict deadlines in a stressful setting, it can hinder creativity. So have some fun in the workplace. When your employees are more relaxed, it tends to inspire creativity, more flexibility in thinking, and a willingness to explore alternatives. You can create a more positive work environment in any number of ways, from hosting happy hours after work to scheduling company retreats and team building activities.

Promote a culture of diversity.

If everyone on your team comes from a similar background, how can you expect to inspire creativity? Homogeneity leaves little room for new ideas. So when you’re hiring, look for those with different knowledge, experience and perspectives. Facilitate brainstorming sessions and informal meetings between those with different backgrounds to offer fresh perspectives and develop new ideas.

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