Four Traits to Look for When Hiring Great Accounting and Finance Talent

Recruiting accounting and finance professionals in Kansas City with the right technical skills is only half the battle. In order for them to be successful in their roles at your company, it’s important for them to have the right mix of soft skills, as well. Unfortunately, there are many professionals in the industry that don’t. When hiring, it’s your job to pinpoint them and weed them out.

What are some of the most important soft skills you should be looking for when evaluating accounting and finance professionals? Here are four:

Trait #1: Communication Skills 

Accountants are responsible for speaking in front of groups and presenting data and solutions to people in other areas of the company, including the leadership team. A big part of their jobs too is to request information from other departments and individuals that may not be well versed in accounting. With these important duties in mind, strong communication skills are essential.

If you’re speaking with a candidate and all they’re talking in is jargon, then that’s a sign that the communication skills necessary to be successful in the position may be lacking. You need someone who understands the numbers and accounting laws, but who also can explain it and communicate it to those who don’t.

Trait #2: Ability to Collaborate 

Accounting and finance professionals help to determine the strategic direction of a company and significantly impact its bottom line. This doesn’t all happen in a vacuum – it happens as a part of a larger team effort. It’s essential to find professionals who are confident and comfortable working in a group, as well as with diverse clientele.

Trait #3: Leadership 

While the ability to work well on a team is important, so is the ability to take charge. Accountants and finance professionals often work on projects that require a high degree of autonomy, whether it’s a small task or a larger initiative. They need to be able to do so comfortably without their supervisor holding their hand.

In addition, when a candidate has solid leadership abilities, it generally points to more growth potential. They have the capability to become a larger asset to your company down the road with the right training and support.

Trait #4: Strong Ethics 

Ethics is important in any industry. But hiring ethical candidates is even more important in the accounting and finance industry, considering all the confidential data professionals have access to.

Screening for ethics can certainly be difficult when you’re hiring. However, one place to start is by asking each candidate about ethical dilemmas they’ve faced in the past and how they’ve dealt with them.

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