Fact or Fiction—Nobody Hires During the Holidays

Every year when the seasons begin to change and the holidays fast approach, job seekers and career advisors find themselves discussing the often repeated topic: “are companies hiring during the holidays?” In our experience, this claim is nothing more than a myth that’s been circulated among business professionals seeking employment. Of course, there are times throughout the year when companies slow down the hiring process either due to end-of-the-year vacations, a lack of available budget space or in preparation for the next fiscal year. However, if a company has open positions needing to be filled, they are less likely to halt the hiring process.

Wherever this idea originated, it has seemingly been ingrained into the minds of job seekers. Many remain convinced they should not apply to open positions until after the holiday season. We have several reasons why you should continue your job search through the end of the year and why it could be helpful to your career search.

  • Companies usually have to use their budget before the end of the year is up because it doesn’t carry over. This is why many companies choose to hire people towards the end of the year. Budgets tend to be a use it or lose it so many companies use it to hire people.
  • Holidays are often a time of job transition. Some business professionals give notice upon their departure for a new job during this time and thus need to be replaced. This presents a great opportunity for companies to bring on new hires.
  • Many companies conduct interviews during this time period, allowing them to bring on new hires early in the new calendar year.
  • Since a good number of job seekers tend to believe the myth that no one hired during the holidays, this may just be the best time to apply for open positions due to a lack of competition.
  • Even if you cannot get an interview during the month of December, you can at least be at the head of the line come January.

Whether or not you choose to believe the myth that no companies hire during the last quarter, the notion couldn’t be further from the truth as many in our industry are making new hires. Contact us today to learn hear more about the open positions we have for you.

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