Don’t Make These 7 Critical Mistakes When Applying for A Job

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In today’s technologically savvy world, your resume and application materials are still your ticket into the interview process. A polished and powerful resume can give you a leg up; a weak one, however, will land in the recycle bin. So what are some critical – and all-too-common – mistakes job seekers make on them? Here are 7 and how to avoid each one:

#1: Spelling and grammar errors.

One typo likely won’t sabotage your job search efforts. However, a bunch of them will send the message that you don’t check your work. That’s why it’s important to not only proofread your cover letter and resume several times before submitting it but also asking a trusted friend or loved one to do the same.

#2: Not following directions.

Whether the hiring manager asks you to put the job title in the email subject line, or include a list of references, make sure you follow directions precisely. If you don’t, the hiring manager will assume you won’t be able to listen and follow easy steps once on the job, either.

#3: Including the wrong name or company.

If you’re applying to a lot of jobs, chances are, you’re doing some cutting and pasting between documents. But before you submit anything, make sure you have your application addressed to the right person, that their name is spelled correctly, and that the company’s name is the right one. Don’t submit something to “ABC Corporation” when their real name is actually “ABC Enterprises.” It makes a difference.

#4: Applying for jobs you’re not qualified for.

Too many job candidates take the shotgun approach to job applications. They apply to as many positions as possible and just hope for the best. But this wastes your time, and the hiring manager’s too. Instead, only apply to those jobs for which you are truly qualified and customize your application for each prospective employer.

#5: Focusing on tasks, not accomplishments.

Another common error on resumes and cover letters is a laundry list of tasks and duties, without any highlights of accomplishments. But hiring manager’s today want to see a track record of success. That’s why it’s so important to skip the fluff and instead include hard numbers that quantify your accomplishments.

#6: A poorly formatted resume.

Did you know that hiring managers only spend a few seconds screening each resume that comes their way? That means you only have a short amount of time to make a big impression. But if your resume isn’t properly formatted, it has dense paragraphs and tiny type, or is just too long, hiring managers will simply give up and move onto the next candidate.

#7: A negative online impression.

When a hiring manager gets your resume, chances are, they’re going to Google you. What will they find? If it’s a lot of negative postings on social media or inappropriate photos, you’ve got some clean-up work to do before you begin your job search.

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