Are You Losing Candidates Because of a Poor Background Check Experience?


Background checks are vital to your business. You need them to verify a candidate’s previous employment and ensure you’re not hiring someone with an unsavory past. But what happens if your background checks are not only helping you avoid bad hires, they are also causing you to lose high-quality candidates because of a poor user experience?

According to a recent survey, 38 percent of employers have lost candidates because of a negative experience with their background checks.


Have you tested your background check experience?

One of the first things HR managers and other organizational leaders can do is test the background check experience for themselves. Only 44 percent of HR managers who conduct background checks have tested the experience. When they do, 14 percent say the experience is fair or poor.

A bad experience reflects poorly on your company

When candidates have a negative experience with HR technology, whether it be a background check or your application process, more than half (56 percent) think less of the company. Not only that, you could lose candidates who have already accepted a position with your company if they have a negative experience with your background check process. According to the survey, 21 percent of employers have lost candidates because the background check took too long.

How to fix your background check experience

Choose the right provider

Before you choose a company to conduct your background checks, ensure that they are accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

Darren Dupriest, President and CEO of Validity Screening Solutions, says that a good background screening provider should work with you to ensure timely completion of service.

“An employer’s screening partner should work in concert with (their clients) to marry quality service to efficient processing,” Dupriest said. “Screening companies should welcome questions from (clients) so that any misconceptions of the process are clarified.”

Test Your Experience

Perform your own tests to determine if your background checks take too long or provide a poor user experience.

“Ideally, an accurate and compliant background check may be completed within 12-72 hours,” Dupriest said. “Turnaround time speaks to the quality of the research process. Some vendors provide noncompliant but fast criminal database results, which allow for expedient applicant processing, but cause dramatic problems.”

Partner with Morgan Hunter  

Not only can Morgan Hunter find top talent for your open positions, we also provide thorough reference checks based on the needs of our clients. We have some clients that request a drug screen or criminal background check, in addition to employment and education verification. We can provide these services as well as meet any other needs you might have for background or security checks.

To learn more about the reference checks we can provide, contact us today.