In annual salary guide, Morgan Hunter reports up to 30 percent pay increase for entry-level employees

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Kansas City, Mo. — In its annually published salary guide, local employment agency Morgan Hunter has reported significant salary upticks for employees in Kansas City following the Great Resignation, including up to a 30% increase in various industries. The average reported increase across all reported roles was 6.41%.  … Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Kat Salvo

employee spotlight

  Every two weeks, we highlight one of our amazing recruiters so you can get to know the Morgan Hunter team a little bit better. This week we spoke with Kat Salvo, Senior Recruiter in our Human Resources Division!   What did you do before you were a recruiter with Morgan Hunter? Before coming to… Read More »

How to Develop a Successful Incentive Program

aerial view of young creative people in modern office.

  Many Human Resource professional — and the organizations they serve — struggle to motivate their employees. How do you encourage your staff to reach peak performance? For some, the answer is an incentive program. Employers nationwide spend over $100 billion a year on incentive programs. But is their money being put to good use?… Read More »

Are You Losing Candidates Because of a Poor Background Check Experience?

  Background checks are vital to your business. You need them to verify a candidate’s previous employment and ensure you’re not hiring someone with an unsavory past. But what happens if your background checks are not only helping you avoid bad hires, they are also causing you to lose high-quality candidates because of a poor… Read More »

Majority of HR Managers Say Artificial Intelligence Will Become Part of HR in Next 5 Years

  As many people worry that artificial intelligence will make their jobs obsolete, the Human Resources industry is welcoming these technological advances. More than half (55 percent) of Human Resources managers believe artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will become a regular part of HR in the next five years according to a survey by CareerBuilder. “There… Read More »

How HR Can Learn from Uber’s Mistakes

  Uber, the immensely popular ride-sharing app, is in hot water because of alleged sexism at the company. Part of the problem is the company’s response — and human resources professionals can learn a lot from their mistakes. Lesson 1: Always take appropriate action when harassment complaints are made. It all began when Susan Fowler,… Read More »

10 Exit Interview Questions You Need to Ask

Employee Quit

  When a valuable employee quits, it’s a big loss for your organization. But it can also be a chance to gain insight into what your company is doing well — and to identify areas for improvement. The best way to get honest feedback is from a departing employee. They no longer have to rely… Read More »

Going Green at the Office: HR Can Lead the Charge

Maybe it’s because when you think of HR, you think of paperwork? Or because HR takes the responsibility for employee satisfaction, and more companies are realizing that environmental awareness is important to their employees? For whatever reason, human resources departments are the ones who tend to institute “green” practices at the office. “Many employers now… Read More »

How Can HR Pros and Recruiters Work Together Successfully?

To answer that question, let’s start by analyzing some of the innate conflicts between HR and recruiters. HR professionals often perceive recruiters, especially outside recruiters, as a threat to their jobs. Because recruiting is at least part of their role in a company, they may not like it when someone comes in to do it… Read More »