Company Growing? Avoid Culture Shock for New Employees

There are huge companies we hear amazing stories about, Google, Facebook, Microsoft for example, that have kept their startup personality and passion as they have grown. The employees are happy and their growth became a benefit, not a pain. Some companies increase slowly, while others can have bursts of success.

When a company is smaller, its leaders have more control over its vision and culture. As a company grows, sometimes that vision is lost, just by having to attend to daily tasks of the expanding organization.

The gang over at CareerBuilder recently created a “Geared to Growth” guide, helping companies maintain a solid infrastructure and company culture while expanding.  Here are some tips for keeping your workplace from losing its spark:

“Account for emotion.” Change can bring out the worst in people. Many people are resistant and get emotional during the decision-making process throughout the organization. Change can affect not only C-level leaders, but those down the ladder as well.

“Prepare the entire organization for change.” Because your entire organize can be affected, it is important that each and every employee is prepared. It’s good to involve the entire staff and get their opinion, so they truly feel like their opinions are valued during times of change. People can feel more comfortable and less resistant when involved.

“Communicate the vision.”It’s one thing to talk about a vision; it’s another thing to put it in writing. Have the company’s vision visible at all times—on company walls, when you walk in the entrance, on the bathroom door, in the weekly staff e-mail. Continue to communicate your company’s organizational objectives and the impact it will have on goals and responsibilities throughout the company.  People like to feel a part of something. They also like to know how their roles will be impacted as well.   

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