5 Tips On How To Spark Creativity In The Workplace

Being creative in the workplace is vital to success. Not only can it improve innovation and build morale, but it can also lead your staff to uncover new and better ways to handle work. To help you leverage the power of it in the workplace, here are a few tips from the Kansas City marketing recruiters at Morgan Hunter:

Tip #1: Don’t micromanage.

Micromanagement is the death knell for creativity. Not only does it produce a culture of mistrust, but any attempt at creativity gets stifled in the process. Instead of looking over the shoulders of your team members, give them general goals and guidelines to keep in mind and then step back to let them work independently and more effectively.

Tip #2: Make failure ok.

While you don’t want your team constantly making mistakes, don’t make a big deal out of them when they do happen. Rather, use them as a tool for learning so that your employees can hit the mark next time. This way, they won’t be afraid to get creative and take more risks, leading to improved company success in the future.

Tip #3: Let your team try out new roles.

If you want your staff to learn, grow and become more creative in ways they solve problems, then give them the opportunity to try out new roles. Offer them some guidance, but let them put their skills, knowledge and creative powers to use to meet a goal or complete a task. When you do, you’ll improve their drive and desire to make important contributions.

Tip #4: Don’t do all the talking during meetings.

Oftentimes, the boss leads meetings and does most of the talking, without a lot of interaction among staff. But to boost creativity, you need to get everyone involved, sharing their opinions and ideas. Once the creative juices are flowing, this can often spark inspiration, innovation and new ways of thinking, rather than depending on you to have all the answers.

Tip #5: Encourage curiosity.

Ask lots of questions and encourage your people to do the same. Think outside the box, as if there were no limits. For instance, if you’re discussing an important company initiative or a challenging problem, ask your staff how they would handle it if they knew their idea wouldn’t fail. This can often lead them to look at issues from different perspectives, coming up with new ideas along the way.

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