How Can You Choose Between Two Great Applicants?


Sometimes, you can’t find a single person that’s right for the job. Other times, you have two top contenders to choose between. When this happens, how can you make the right decision for your team, all so you end up with a great new employee? Here are some tips from Morgan Hunter, one of Kansas City’s leading staffing agencies:

Evaluate your needs.

Take a look back at the job description, each applicant’s resume, and your notes from the interviews and try to assess which is the better fit. Is there one who clearly has a stronger background or comes with a specialized skill that could be valuable to your team? At this point, you need to compare the candidates, and their skills and abilities, side by side to see which one checks more boxes and comes out ahead.

Look to the future.

While you have hiring needs for today, take a long-term approach when deciding between two applicants. For instance, is there one that has more growth potential or leadership experience than the other? If there’s a clear winner in this category, then that individual will offer more value to your company and its bottom line.

Think about culture.

While hard skills are vitally important, so too is cultural fit. You need to ensure the person you ultimately hire is going to mesh well with your team, as well as the company at large. So think about whether one particular applicant has the personality traits to thrive within your unique organization, or whether they’ve worked successfully in environments similar to yours in the past.

Gauge enthusiasm.

Is there one applicant that comes across as more engaged than the other? For instance, how quickly did they follow up after the interview? Or how much did they know about your company during the interview process? These are all important questions to ask to assess how excited each applicant seems about your job opportunity.

If you’re still not sure which way to go, then give each applicant a homework assignment. It shouldn’t be anything complicated but should allow you to evaluate their skills, ability to adhere to a deadline, and enthusiasm level. Hopefully, you’ll gain the clarity you need to make the right choice.

Get expert help with hiring.

At Morgan Hunter, we’re one of Kansas City’s top staffing agencies for a reason. Not only do we know where to source the most talented applicants for job openings, but how to carefully vet them, so you get the exact right people for your hiring needs. Find out more by contacting us today.