5 of the Best Free Marketing Tools


If you work for a start-up or small business, your marketing budget is probably pretty small. Yet you still need a few powerful tools to effectively market your product or service. Luckily there are many free marketing tools that can make a big impact on your business.

Here are 5 of the best free marketing tools:


Google Analytics

To successfully market your business, it’s crucial to know how customers find and interact with your website. These insights, and much more, can be gained when you employ Google Analytics. It will tell you who your customers are, how they got to your site, what they do once they reach your site, and what pages on your site lead to conversions (i.e., sales). Google Analytics isn’t the easiest to use, but there is a plethora of free training available to give you more than enough knowledge so you can use your data to make better-informed marketing decisions.



Canva is perfect for small businesses without a dedicated graphic designer, or for day-to-day design needs, you don’t want to bother your designer with. Using Canva, you can create attractive graphics for social media, posters, emails, infographics, presentations, and more. There are tons of free fonts, images, and templates to choose from, and an intuitive interface that even those with no design experience can navigate. Simply sign up for a free account, create your design, download, and post!



As you grow your social media presence, it gets harder to manage multiple accounts. Hootsuite is perfect for monitoring and managing all your social media from one place. The free version allows you to connect three social media accounts, with relatively affordable paid versions if you need to connect more. From there, you can easily publish or schedule posts to all your accounts.



One of the most effective ways to reach customers and prospects is through their inbox. With the free version of MailChimp, you can send marketing emails to up to 2,000 subscribers, with affordable options when your send list surpasses 2,000 people. MailChimp is super easy to use if you’re new to email marketing. Upload your email list, choose from a number of attractive templates, edit the colors and content to reflect your brand and message, and you’re ready to hit send. Not only that, MailChimp includes informative reporting data that will help you perfect your emails.



As you expand your marketing strategy, you need a way to organize everything. Airtable is a wonderful free project management tool you can use to track projects and work collaboratively with your team. Described as “part spreadsheet, part database,” employ Airtable to delegate project tasks, set due dates, and track everything you’re working on from conception to completion.


Some businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing tools. But you don’t need a huge budget to achieve most of your basic marketing needs. These free versions should be enough to get you started. And as your business grows, many offer affordable paid versions as well.


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