Want to Attract the Attention of a Top Recruiter? Then You Need a Killer LinkedIn Profile

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If you’re looking for a job in Kansas City, you need more than just a strong resume and cover letter to get noticed by a hiring manager – and get a great offer. You also need a killer LinkedIn profile, too. In fact, most managers today look to social media to source candidates, as well as vet professionals they’re considering hiring. So if you don’t have a solid profile in place, you could impact your job search success.

To help ensure that doesn’t happen to you, here are a few do’s and don’ts for creating a memorable LinkedIn profile, as well as leveraging the social network to find a new job:

Do invest the time.

You can’t just spend 20 minutes on your profile and expect to get outstanding results from it. Just like your resume, creating a persuasive LinkedIn profile takes time. Beyond that, make sure you also complete all the parts of your profile. An uncompleted one will make you look lazy and unprofessional.

Do customize your URL.

You’ll get an awkward combination of numbers for your unique LinkedIn URL. But the good news is that you can customize it with your name instead. This will make it easier to include on your resume and for hiring managers to find you online.

Do include a headshot.

As a leading advertising recruiter in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that those profiles with headshots are far more likely to get noticed by hiring managers when compared to those that don’t have them. So make sure you include a headshot – one that conveys your professionalism, as well as your energy and enthusiasm.

Do write a clear headline.

Your headline is one of the first elements that a hiring manager will notice on your page. That’s why it’s so important. Make sure yours is clear, compelling and specific to the types of advertising jobs in Kansas City you’re looking for.

Do get active.

You can use LinkedIn in so many ways beyond just as a platform for job searching. For instance, you can join a group, post your own content, find useful information, make meaningful connections and stay current on industry trends.

Don’t use buzzwords or hyperbole.

For instance, avoid talking about how you’re an “administrative rock star.” Instead, talk about your depth of experience and how you’ve made a positive impact at past employers.

Don’t list tasks and responsibilities.

Instead, use the Summary space to talk about your key accomplishments and what you bring to the table in terms of skill set and abilities.

Don’t be too pushy.

If you send someone an invitation to connect on LinkedIn and they don’t accept it, don’t continue sending them invites.

Don’t blindly accept LinkedIn invitations.

On the other hand, don’t blindly accept invitations, especially from people you don’t know. The connections you have can impact your reputation and the strength of your profile.

Need more help leveraging the power of LinkedIn to find a new job?

Contact the KC marketing recruiters at Morgan Hunter. Beyond giving you tips and advice on how to best position your background on social media, we can help you with your resume and cover letter, as well as preparing for job interviews. We can also connect you with top employers and top advertising jobs in Kansas City. Contact us today to learn more.