What Do Candidates Really Look for In a Potential Employer?


Most successful companies have one thing in common: They work hard to keep employees happy. That doesn’t necessarily mean investing in a pricey on-site gym or daycare or letting staff bring pets to work. It does, however, mean creating an environment where people actually want to come to work and are more loyal to the company as a result. And, when it comes time to hire, this kind of culture can have a dramatic impact on your recruiting success.

So what areas are candidates most interested in? Beyond competitive compensation, here are a few to consider.


Candidates want to know that if they choose your company, there’s a purpose behind what they’re doing each day and that they’re not just another cog in the production wheel. They also want to know that they’ll have an opportunity to make an impact and have their voices heard.


Vague job descriptions and undefined goals are a big turn-off for top talent. If you want them to consider your company, then you need to offer clearly defined goals that are both measurable and attainable.


People don’t want to work at a place where they feel they’re being micro-managed. Rather, they want to know they’ll have some autonomy to decide how to perform their work.


Employees today want a healthy work-life balance – and that includes scheduling flexibility. So offer options for flex scheduling, as well as telecommuting and flexible vacation policies.

Recognition & Feedback.

Likewise, candidates want to workplaces where they’ll be recognized and rewarded for their work. They also want feedback so they know when they’re on the right track, or have gotten off course.


Another big attraction for potential new hires is the chance to take on more responsibility and learn new skills. They also want opportunities to offer their own creative input and ideas for innovation at the company.

Money is a big motivator for candidates. But if you want to attract and hire the best – and keep them on board – then you need to consider the areas above, as well. Throughout the hiring process, it’s also important to promote these points to candidates so you can differentiate your opportunity from the competition’s.

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