How to Attract & Retain Talent


With over 5 million job openings and unemployment under 5 percent, there will be plenty of competition for top talent in 2017. How can you and your company appeal to the most talented professionals on the market? And once they’re hired, how can you keep them around? Here some practical tips to attract and retain talent:

Attract Talent

Considering that 69 percent of professionals wouldn’t take a job with a company that has a bad reputation, attracting top talent to your organization is more than simply posting a job opening and hoping for the best. It takes planning on your part to ensure your company is putting its best foot forward.

Leverage Social Media

One of the most powerful tools you can use to attract talent is social media. According to a survey by Jobvite, 59 percent of job seekers use social media to research the culture of a company they are interested in. If your company’s social channels lack content, these job seekers will gain little to no information about your company, providing them with fewer reasons to apply for your open position.

Your company needs to post frequent updates with relevant content that showcases your company’s expertise. Also, consider posting employee profiles or interviews to help put a face to the organization and communicate your culture.

Promote your employee benefits

One of the most important factors for top talent when they consider applying for a job is a company’s benefits. In fact, 43 percent of job seekers cite health benefits as the thing they value most when looking for a new job. Other benefits that will help attract top talent include paid leave, flexible work hours, life insurance and retirement plans.

When writing your job posting, include all information you can about your company benefits in order to attract top talent.

Improve your interview experience

Forty-seven percent of job seekers said the interview makes the biggest impact on their impression of a job. Having a positive candidate experience is paramount to landing the best candidates. To improve your candidate experience, there are a few steps you can take:

  • 81 percent of applicants want to know the contact information of the person that posted the job. Include this information in your job postings.
  • 76 percent want to know what their day-to-day job will be. Writing a detailed job description in your job posting will give candidates a good idea of what their days would be like at your company.

For tips on improving your candidate experience, read How to Improve Your Candidate Experience.

Retain Talent

A survey by HR software company BambooHR found that nearly one in six employees quit a new job within six months. The main reasons they cite for leaving are all related to a poor onboarding process.

Improve Your Onboarding Process

If you don’t have a formal, structured onboarding process, where do you begin? According to the Society for Human Resource Management, you should ask yourself these questions first:

  • How long will onboarding last?
  • What tasks should be completed before the new hire’s first day (e.g. giving them access to the online onboarding portal, etc.)?
  • What impression do I want new hires to walk away with at the end of the first day?
  • What should be done during the first week, first month, and first year to ensure new hires are onboarded successfully?
  • What do new hires need to know about the company’s culture and work environment?
  • What role will HR play in the onboarding process? What about direct supervisors and colleagues?
  • What goals should be set for new employees?
  • How will I gather feedback on the program and measure its success?

Successful hiring goes beyond just finding the right candidate. It takes a big investment to get new hires up and running productively; however, it’s one that will pay off in the long run in the form of engaged and loyal workers.


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