4 Steps to Improve Your Hiring Process for Sales and Marketing

Hiring mistakes are always costly. But when it involves a salesperson, it can be particularly expensive. Not only have business opportunities been lost and sales goals fallen short, but your company has to re-invest in recruiting a new employee as well. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your process of hiring salespeople – and protecting your company from the risk of a bad hire. Here’s a look at 4 of them:

Step #1: Evaluate your recruiters.

As leading Kansas City sales recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows that if the person in charge of hiring for sales positions doesn’t have plenty of experience, then it’s hurting your company. So if, for instance, you’re depending on your sales manager to do the hiring for his or her department, then you need to re-think this approach. Your sales manager should be focused on sales, not on learning how to interview and staying up-to-date on trends in hiring. Instead, hiring should be the responsibility of in-house recruiting staff or an outside staffing agency experienced with hiring sales and marketing personnel.

Step #2: Make sure you have the right tools in place.

There are a variety of tools available to help you source, screen and hire top salespeople. Is your company taking advantage of them? In order to get the best results from the hiring process, your recruiters need the right tools in place. For instance, you could be wasting valuable time and energy manually screening resumes rather than relying on applicant screening software.

Step #3: Determine who your ideal salesperson is.

In other words, what skills, traits, habits, strengths, and motivations do they need to be successful on the job? Also, consider what your existing top salespeople are like and how they consistently close the sale. And don’t forget to take into account how an individual will fit into your company’s culture and impact the sales team. The right fit person can boost performance and the wrong person – even one with a solid record of success – can bring it down. Once you understand these details, it will be far easier to screen resumes and spot top performers in interviews.

Step #4: Offer the right incentives.

Once you hire top salespeople, you need to keep them around. Money is always a good incentive; however, perks such as extra vacation time and the use of the company private plane are better.

Once you have the best people in place in your sales department, you can win the bigger, more profitable customers. You’re not just surviving – you’re thriving, which is why it’s critically important to ensure your hiring process for salespeople is as effective as possible.

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