How to Retain Your Top Sales & Marketing Talent

Top sales and marketing people are key to the success of your organization. After all, they’re how you generate new business and drive profits. However, as a Kansas City sales and marketing staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows attracting and retaining them can be a challenge. In fact, according to CSO Insights, which uses research metrics to reveal best practices in sales and marketing, turnover among salespeople is 25.5% – nearly double the national average across all industries.

To help you retain your sales and marketing stars, consider these tips:

  • Hire Good Sales Managers. If you have sales managers who bully their staff members into increasing sales, or micromanage their every move, you’re going to lose top talent. Remember, people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.
  • Be Clear About Goals. Not only should your sales and marketing staff know and understand what expectations for them are, but they should also be aware of how their success will be measured. Both the manager and the salesperson should be on the same page when it comes to what needs to be done, how it should be done and the resources that will be provided.
  • Offer Opportunities for Advancement. When there’s no room for growth or promotion, the best people move on. In fact, employees who feel like there is room for advancement are not only happier, but more likely to stay on the job. Why? Because high quality employees feel motivated to strive for those opportunities and achieve success.
  • Provide Training & Development. The best performers want to continually grow and learn. By making an investment in your people, not only will you enhance their skill set, but you’ll also increase their loyalty to your company. And don’t just invest in your top performers. Your development program should invest in building up your “B” team, as well.
  • Don’t Cap Compensation. One of the most attractive aspects of being in sales is the unlimited income potential. However, many times, if salespeople are performing beyond expectation – and earning more than forecasted – their employers will cap their compensation. Doing so not only demotivates them, but also kills retention in the process.
  • Offer Administrative Support. It doesn’t make sense for salespeople to spin their wheels on administrative tasks. They should focus their energy on what they do best – selling. To help them do that, take some of the mundane, daily tasks off their plates and assign them to administrative personnel instead.

If you do have valued sales and marketing people leave, be sure to conduct an exit interview. Find out where you missed the mark so you don’t make the same mistake in the future.

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