The 5 Deadly Sins of Hiring

As a leading staffing agency in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that good employees can give you the edge over your competition; bad employees, on the other hand, can cost your company big time.

So how can you ensure you hire right – the first time? Start by avoiding these 5 deadly sins of hiring:

Sin #1: Not Knowing Exactly What You’re Looking For. 

The whole “I’ll know when I find it” attitude doesn’t cut it when you’re looking to hire the best job candidates. So while you might want to get right into the process and start sourcing and screening candidates, take a step back. Think not only about the specific skills and aptitudes a candidate will need to do the job, but also the kind of personality that will fit well within your culture.

Sin #2: Hiring Out of Desperation. 

When you’re desperate to hire, you make decisions based on emotion, not on fact and reason. And this is when hiring mistakes happen. Despite your best intentions, hasty hiring can lead to poor choices and regrets. Instead of hiring out of desperation, consider bringing in temporary or contract workers to fill the talent gap until you find the right person.

Sin #3: Letting Personal Biases Impact Your Decision. 

You might not think you have any biases, but the truth is that we all do – from thinking that someone who wears glasses is smarter to believing that someone who is short is not as competent as their taller counterparts. Sometimes these biases creep into the hiring process…to our detriment. So be aware of any personal biases and keep your assessments focused on ability and fit.

Sin #4: Not Being Prepared. 

Properly preparing for an interview involves a lot more than taking a quick peak at a candidate’s resume five minutes before an interview. And in fact, a sloppy hiring process can lead to expensive mistakes.

So be prepared with thoughtful questions that help you determine the kind of person you need, what specific skills and knowledge is required, and what kinds of accomplishments and backgrounds would lend themselves well to the position.

Sin #5: Not Checking References. 

This is the single easiest way to screen out a bad candidate from the process. When hiring, ask for a mix of references. For instance, if you’re hiring for a management position, ask for referrals from supervisors, peers, and subordinates. Oftentimes, subordinates are more open about what it’s like to work for a particular candidate, so they’re a great source of information.

Want to Avoid the Deadly Sins of Hiring?

Then let us handle the hiring process for you. As a leading staffing agency in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter Corporate Search has more than 25 years of experience in sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, and testing candidates – all so our clients can make the best hiring decisions for their companies.

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