First Days and First Impressions

The interviewing process and landing a job are no small feats. But once you land the position, that’s when the real work begins. Trying to establish a good reputation and trust at the beginning of a new job is an important part of building relationships at your new place of business; it helps shape your… Read More »

Fact or Fiction—Nobody Hires During the Holidays

Every year when the seasons begin to change and the holidays fast approach, job seekers and career advisors find themselves discussing the often repeated topic: “are companies hiring during the holidays?” In our experience, this claim is nothing more than a myth that’s been circulated among business professionals seeking employment. Of course, there are times… Read More »

Going Green at the Office: HR Can Lead the Charge

Maybe it’s because when you think of HR, you think of paperwork? Or because HR takes the responsibility for employee satisfaction, and more companies are realizing that environmental awareness is important to their employees? For whatever reason, human resources departments are the ones who tend to institute “green” practices at the office. “Many employers now… Read More »

Reach Out to Recruiters

When your company prepares itself to hire new employees, managers will quickly find that it is an exciting, sometimes trying, process. The talent pool is filled with individuals that may be a great fit for your company; however, the reality is that your company may spend weeks—even months—interviewing prospects without success. Time is money and… Read More »

Create a Strategy for Managing Stress

This is the time of year when people begin to really feel stressed: holidays are approaching, bills are piling up and the pressure is on at work to get major projects completed before the start of the new year. It’s common knowledge that stress follows us, be it at home or to work, we struggle… Read More »

What to Look For in a Marketing Job Candidate

Looking for a strong marketing candidate is a little like looking for a strong sales candidate. You want to find someone who is good at forming relationships and can tell you the strengths and unique features of a product. Since marketing is so web-reliant these days, marketing candidates also need a lot of tech savvy… Read More »

A Financial Interview

Advancing—or even jumping headfirst into the finance industry—can prove to be a monumental task. It’s vital for you to gain a competitive edge over other candidates by standing out and properly preparing yourself for the recruiting and interviewing process. We’ve put together some insights into the dynamics of for a career in finance.… Read More »

Make It or Break It

It’s a war out there—figuratively, of course. Job seekers and hiring managers are battling tooth and nail to come out on top. Recruiters want to hire the best candidates and candidates are battling to be the best prospect. The pool of candidates, although substantial, lacks volume when it comes to experience. It is our job… Read More »

The Latest Trends in Salary and Benefits

With so many changes rocking the corporate world over the last 3 years, it’s only natural that companies have had to reconsider their salary and benefits programs. While experts are projecting a slight uptick in salary increases in 2012 compared to 2011, many companies are continuing to focus on variable pay. According to the U.S.… Read More »

It’s All About Who You Know

It’s not news that networking is a vital to jobseekers on the hunt for a new career. It’s said regularly by professionals and job seekers alike, “It’s all about who you know”. Do you know the right people? Whether you are just starting your networking venture or consider yourself a networking veteran, there are five… Read More »