4 Career Resolutions You Should Make for 2018

  Every year, you vow to hit the gym more, drop that bad habit, or finally book that trip you’ve been longing to take. But how often do you make career resolutions for the new year? Maybe you’ve been pining for a new job, or that big promotion. Or maybe you’d just like to enhance… Read More »

How to Motivate Temporary Employees

  When companies need extra help, many turn to temporary employees. Whether you require additional people during the holidays, or you need to expand your staff for a special project, temporary employees are the perfect solution. The problem? Some organizations find that temporary employees are not as engaged as their permanent staff. How can you,… Read More »

Ask a Recruiter: Why Should I Work With a Recruiter?

  Every third Thursday of the month, we answer questions submitted to us from Kansas City area job seekers and employers. This week Senior Recruiter and Director of our Administrative Division Stephanie Smithmier answers a question from an anonymous job seeker who asked why they should work with a recruiter.   Though the recruiting industry is… Read More »

Make Them Think: 8 Thought-Provoking Job Interview Questions to Ask

  Your staffing partner has sourced and vetted a handful of high-quality candidates. Now it’s up to you to interview them and make a final decision. But how can you get behind the candidate mask and gain real insight into each candidate? Beyond the typical “tell me about yourself” inquiries, here are 8 thought-provoking job… Read More »

Top 10 Most In-Demand Creative Professionals

  While the most sought-after professionals typically come from the healthcare and IT fields, people with creative skills are increasingly becoming more in-demand. Companies are starting to realize that creative professionals are vital to their success. If they want to develop innovative products, ideas, and marketing, they know they need accomplished creative people on their… Read More »

5 Fastest Growing Industries in the Next 5 Years

  The U.S. is projected to create approximately 7.2 million jobs in the next five years. And according to a recent CareerBuilder study, the following five industries will experience the most job growth by 2020:   Electronic Shopping Current Jobs: 245,403 Projected 5-Year Growth: 32% In the past five years, online shopping revenues have grown… Read More »