4 Career Resolutions You Should Make for 2018

2018 Goals


Every year, you vow to hit the gym more, drop that bad habit, or finally book that trip you’ve been longing to take. But how often do you make career resolutions for the new year?

Maybe you’ve been pining for a new job, or that big promotion. Or maybe you’d just like to enhance your skills. Whatever career move you’ve been wanting to make, 2018 is the perfect time to start making your dream a reality.

To help you get started, here are 4 career resolutions you should make on New Year’s Eve.

Update Your Resume

You never know when a recruiter, colleague or networking contact might request your resume. You don’t want to leave them hanging while you rush to update your resume. That’s why it’s paramount that your resume is ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Before you sit down to refresh your resume, know what recruiters are looking for, understand what HR managers are looking for, and get up-to-date on the latest resume trends.

Enhance Your Professional Presence Online  

Most hiring and recruiting begins on the Internet. That’s why it’s important that you have a professional, updated online presence. Start by updating your LinkedIn profile, adding any new accomplishments, responsibilities, or examples of your work. Considering that 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, and 87 percent cited the social network as the most effective tool to use when vetting candidates, refreshing your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important things you can do when you’re in the market for a new job. Before you begin, check out these LinkedIn mistakes to avoid.

Other steps you can take to enhance your presence online is to upload your resume to career sites — like Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed — or create an online portfolio or professional website that highlights your past work and accomplishments.

Attend More Networking Events

This New Year, make a commitment to attend a networking event every month. Networking is a great way to build relationships with employers. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, you could meet new leads, learn about emerging trends in your industry, and establish rapport with potential future employers. There are a number of networking groups in Kansas City — here are just a few:

American Advertising Federation-Kansas City

One of the largest AAF clubs in the country, AAF-KC holds multiple events throughout the year geared toward marketing and advertising professionals.

Network After Work

Network After Work is a national networking company with monthly mixer events. Launched in 2009, it has become the largest and fastest growing organization of its kind.

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

The KC Chamber of Commerce holds multiple events and networking opportunities for both members and non-members.

Kansas City Young Professionals Networking Society

This networking group for young professionals holds regular happy hour events throughout Kansas City.

Develop Your Skills

No matter what your career plans are, it’s always a good idea to continually build your skills. Just because your formal education is over doesn’t mean you should stop learning. You could attend a seminar or watch a webinar, which may require a small investment, but many companies are willing to pay for professional development for their employees. Also, check your local universities to see what types of continuing education course they offer that could be beneficial to you.


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