Ask a Recruiter: Why Should I Work With a Recruiter?


Every third Thursday of the month, we answer questions submitted to us from Kansas City area job seekers and employers. This week Senior Recruiter and Director of our Administrative Division Stephanie Smithmier answers a question from an anonymous job seeker who asked why they should work with a recruiter.  

Though the recruiting industry is more than 50 years old, many job seekers still wonder why they should work with a recruiter.

“People think recruiters only place people in temporary jobs,” Stephanie Smithmier, Sr. Recruiter and Administrative Division Director at Morgan Hunter, said. “Not only do we fill permanent positions at some of the area’s best places to work, we can also help guide them through the entire interview process.”

Here are the reasons Stephanie says job seekers should work with a recruiter:

Find opportunities that fit your goals

“When you meet with a recruiter at Morgan Hunter, you’re not being interviewed for any one position,” Stephanie said. “We will usually have some opportunities in mind, but above all, we want to meet with you to find out what your career goals are. Once we know your ideal job, we work to find an opportunity that aligns with your goals.”

While the perfect position for you may not exist today, Stephanie suggests that you contact a recruiter before your job search gets underway so when the ideal opportunity presents itself, we already have you in mind.

Learn about jobs that aren’t publicly advertised

“Hiring managers and other company leaders have a lot on their plates and don’t have the time to recruit candidates for their open positions, so many will partner with us to help them find the best people,” Stephanie said.

Most of the time, this exclusive partnership means these jobs are not advertised anywhere else. The only way to learn what opportunities await in this “hidden” job market is to work with a recruiter.

Recruiters act as your advocate

A good recruiter will not only find job opportunities for you, they will help sell your skills and strengths to potential employers.

“We help hiring managers see beyond a resume,” Stephanie said. “Our candidates are more than just what’s on paper. We help communicate things like interpersonal skills and culture fit that hiring managers might not get just from looking at a resume.”

Recruiters are there to help guide you through the entire process, helping prepare you for interviews, giving insight into the company and even negotiating your salary when an offer is made.

Recruiters are in direct contact with hiring managers

When you tackle your job search alone, you are usually only in contact with HR and not the actual decision maker. Working with a recruiter can give you a direct line to the hiring manager.

“Our recruiters have been in the industry a long time,” Stephanie said. “Over the years, we’ve forged strong relationships with decision makers at companies throughout Kansas City. This allows us to gain immediate feedback after an interview, learn who the employer’s ideal candidates are, and expedite the process if need be so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.”

Recruiters have a large network

Tenured recruiters, like those at Morgan Hunter, have been in the industry a long time. Over the years they’ve built a massive network of decision makers and hiring managers throughout Kansas City.

“We have our ear to the ground at all times. We know what certain companies are looking for and who’s planning to hire in the near future. And we share what we know with our candidates — the good, the bad and the ugly,” Stephanie said.

By working with a recruiter, you can tap into their professional network, expanding your chances of finding your ideal position.

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