Top 10 Most In-Demand Creative Professionals

  While the most sought-after professionals typically come from the healthcare and IT fields, people with creative skills are increasingly becoming more in-demand. Companies are starting to realize that creative professionals are vital to their success. If they want to develop innovative products, ideas, and marketing, they know they need accomplished creative people on their… Read More »

5 Fastest Growing Industries in the Next 5 Years

  The U.S. is projected to create approximately 7.2 million jobs in the next five years. And according to a recent CareerBuilder study, the following five industries will experience the most job growth by 2020:   Electronic Shopping Current Jobs: 245,403 Projected 5-Year Growth: 32% In the past five years, online shopping revenues have grown… Read More »

4 Steps for Creating a Personal Brand

  Brands have traditionally been associated with large corporations, but with the proliferation of social media, most people now have their own personal brand, whether they know it or not. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles have shaped your online personality, in effect creating your own personal brand. Once you start thinking… Read More »

4 Soft Skills Employers Want in a New Hire

  Your resume contains information about your education and experience, but does it talk enough about your soft skills? If not, it should. An overwhelming majority of employers — 77 percent — think that soft skills are as important as hard skills, according to a CareerBuilder survey. And when evaluating job candidates, they are giving… Read More »

5 Business Books Everyone Should Read

Professional development is immeasurably important to your success. After 30 years in business and helping thousands of professionals find the next step in their career, we know that continual learning gives you an edge over those who choose to let their skills go stale. If you want to keep your skills sharp and learn something… Read More »

Morgan Hunter History: 1990 – Present

As the 1980’s came to a close, Morgan Hunter was continuing to grow and keep pace with an evolving job market. Recognizing a gap in the temporary staffing market, Morgan Hunter President Jerry Hellebusch created Signature Staffing in 1990. Established as a separate company, Signature Staffing focused exclusively on temporary placements. “At the time, most… Read More »

21 Percent of Employees Vowing to Find New Job in the New Year

As the New Year kicks off, more than one in five employees have made finding a new job their New Year’s resolution according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder. Of those looking for a new job in 2016, 34 percent said they will accomplish this by regularly looking for a new job even though they… Read More »

6 Steps for Nailing Your Phone Interview

  In order to save time and money, companies are increasingly conducting phone interviews in order to screen job applicants before they bring them in for an in-person interview. How do you nail your next phone interview so you can make it to the next step in the interview process? Follow these 6 tips:  … Read More »

Top Tech Candidates Rejecting Your Offers? Here’s What Could Be Happening

  As an employer, you may be used to being in the driver seat during the hiring process. So it can be quite unnerving when a candidate rejects your offer, especially when you thought they’d be ideal for the job. While disappointing, it’s not necessarily uncommon. However, if candidates are regularly rejecting your job offers, it… Read More »

Are Your Job References Ignoring You?

It could happen to you: you get through a series of job interviews and you get an offer—which is contingent on your references checking out. So you call your references to let them know they’ll be getting a call from a hiring manager about you. And they don’t answer your calls. Or your emails. What… Read More »