Tech Employees: Beating the Recession Slump

Industry employment rates are approaching an all-time high, and tech wages may be rising, too. The U.S. government released a report in early December that said the unemployment rate is down and hiring is up. And the best news may be reserved for tech workers. The tech industry added 7,100 jobs in November, an increase of… Read More »

What to Consider When Giving a Holiday Bonus

Holiday bonuses can go a long way to making employees happy, but they should be about more than compensation. They should be about appreciation. Big holiday bonuses are a longtime tradition for some industries, and the National Labor Relations Board has allowed unionized workers to make holiday bonuses a contractual obligation. But small businesses operate in… Read More »

The Importance of Making an Informed Decision in Your Job Search

After several months on the job search, it comes as a huge relief to be offered a position in your respected industry. As easy as it is to get ahead of yourself in the acceptance process, it’s important to take a moment to sit back and re-evaluate the position to ensure it is the best… Read More »

The Game of Interview Telephone

Being a people person is a great quality—it can take you above and beyond in the professional workplace. However, what happens if you aren’t particularly good on the phone? In today’s job market most pre-screening takes place over the phone, which is why it is important to know the best way to engage in phone… Read More »

9 Things That Matter More Than Your GPA

 As a student, you worry about your GPA and how it will affect your ability to get a job. But how much does it really matter? Is your GPA an accurate indicator of what kind of employee you’ll be? Grades are the determining factor for performance in school. But in the professional world, that’s not… Read More »

The Life of a Recruiter

“Can you help find me a job?” If you are a recruiter, this is a question that you’ve been asked a hundred times or so. With the current state of the job market, job seekers are looking to all outlets for the opportunity to find job openings for résumé submissions. Along that same wavelength, due… Read More »

What Finance and Accounting Recruiters Really Look For

No matter your industry, there will always be competition in the job market. Knowing what will make you stand out from the crowd is what makes the difference between getting the interview or not, getting offered that promotion or getting overlooked. To help you get noticed by recruiters and employers, we have put together some… Read More »

How to Handle High-Volume Seasonal Recruiting

Does the holiday season make you feel less than jolly, because you’re afraid of being understaffed? Are you in charge of keeping critical projects running on schedule but wondering how to do it while losing employees to holiday-related time off? When recruiting a high volume of employees to meet seasonal workloads, follow some standard best… Read More »

Increasing Your Worth in the Workplace

Are you interested in making a larger salary? Before you ask your boss for a raise, you may want to review your current workplace activity to ensure you are performing at your best. The better your value in the workplace, the better the chance at a promotion and the salary boost that comes with it.… Read More »

How to Address or Fill Gaps In Your Resume

These days, it’s not unusual to have gaps in your employment history. Don’t let them keep you from pursuing your job search. Here’s how to put your best foot forward. Accept Your Reality If you became unemployed during the last few years, it’s understandable. Since 2008, the country has experienced a deep recession during which… Read More »