Leveraging LinkedIn: How to Use Social Media in Your Job Hunt

If the last time you were on the job hunt was a decade ago, then you might be using some antiquated resources for finding a new position. Asking friends, searching job boards and reading the newspaper might be a good way to find open positions, but today’s candidates will need more. One way that prospective… Read More »

What’s in a Name? How Your Name Could Impact Your Job Prospects

If your name is Tim Jones or John Smith, the odds are that companies and HR professionals have heard your name – or one just like it – many times. For a more unique name, like Tim Papadopoulos, you may think that gives you that ability to stand out against the competition, right? Not according… Read More »

How to: Find a New Job While Currently Employed

In the course of your career, it’s likely that you may be employed but interested in finding a position elsewhere. Whether you’re unhappy with your current company or just seeking new opportunities, this can be a difficult situation for many employees to maneuver. How can you successfully search for – and land – a new… Read More »

How NOT to Be a Horrible Boss: 10 Habits You Have to Break

Managers are under a lot of stress to re-engage their employees in an already stressful work environment. So rather than add one more thing to your already-overstretched manager’s to do list, here’s some advice on how NOT to manage your employees! 1. Don’t practice the halo effect. If you assume that, because someone has one… Read More »

Use Your Smartphone To Find A Job

You can use a smartphone to find a restaurant, a store, a person or a car. It was only a matter of time before people could start using their phones to help find a job. You know about the importance of building a strong online presence to help your job search through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… Read More »

The Job Search: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Remember how awful the beginning of the school year was when you were a teenager? For three long months you did what you wanted, when you wanted. If you felt like staying up late: no problem. If you wanted to sleep in: no problem. Little did you realize at the time—there was a problem! The… Read More »

Age is just a number… or is it?

Since the market collapse of 2008, it’s been a rough go for millions of Americans searching for work—regardless of the industry.  As you can imagine, with this many people on the job hunt—and a limited amount of openings—the process can become quite competitive. The amount of experience, education and overall general background will all come… Read More »

Get More Social, Get Better Candidates: How To Use Social Media To Make Your Company More Appealing

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about social media, but #1, it’s not going anywhere and #2, you need to take advantage of its power. For example, it’s becoming a leading recruitment tool for forward-thinking companies—and forward-thinking companies are attractive to good candidates. So how can you make your business more appealing to candidates through social… Read More »

The Art of Writing a Cover Letter

As recruiters, we field cover letters and résumés on a daily basis. While some are extremely well crafted—perfectly showcasing all of their skill and attributes—some just fail to hit the mark. We understand that many of you may have a family, a second job and other obligations, but you must invest time and effort to… Read More »

It’s All in the Job Title

It may sound trivial, but job titles matter—no matter the industry.  In our everyday communications, we use job titles to describe and understand where one another fits in the company hierarchy and in the industry as a whole. If titles weren’t important, why would we put them on our business cards? Your title tells someone… Read More »