A look into a recruiter’s recipe for success

ingredients for a recipe laid out on a cutting board

Jobseekers are recipe-less bakers, often left to figure out what a company is looking for, its culture and day-to-day expectations all on their own. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. From my experience as a recruiter, I’ve found there are many misconceptions about what recruiters can offer for candidates, and how the process typically works. … Read More »

Are Your Job References Ignoring You?

It could happen to you: you get through a series of job interviews and you get an offer—which is contingent on your references checking out. So you call your references to let them know they’ll be getting a call from a hiring manager about you. And they don’t answer your calls. Or your emails. What… Read More »

Pay Attention to What You’re Posting, Or Nobody Else Will

How you represent your company can be as simple as what is included in a job posting. Think about it. Each company has a certain style to its job postings. An established bank has a different tone from a startup technology company. What you say within your posting will determine the type of applicants you… Read More »

When You Google Yourself, What Do You Find?

If you’re looking for a job, you’re hopefully using social media, like Twitter and LinkedIn. And hopefully you’ve already Googled yourself, to see what potential employers—and yes, 89% of them are checking—might see about you. First, you want to make sure they don’t see anything negative. Second, you want to stand out from the competition.… Read More »

3 Career Tips for the Long-Term Unemployed

Whether you’re just a few years out of college or a seasoned executive, the current job market has left many on the job hunt unemployed for the long term. A recent AARP study showed older workers were unemployed for an average of 44 weeks compared to 33.9 weeks for those under age 55.  Aside from… Read More »

Know Who You’re Hiring! Various Types Of Employment Background Checks

The last thing you want, as a boss or a HR manager, is to hire someone with a risky background or a tainted past. And if a candidate has faked expertise, it can set projects back and make you lose face with clients. So what can you do? Consider doing any or all of these… Read More »

How Social Media Can Help Your Job Hunt

Last week we discussed how to leverage LinkedIn for your job hunt. As a professional networking site, it’s easy to see the advantages of LinkedIn. But what about the rest of the social media universe? Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites can all prove to be a valuable resource in your job hunt. How… Read More »

Are You In Marketing? How to Keep Your Job in 2012

Do you want to stay employed for another 12 months? It won’t be easy. Most of you are going to be asked to do better, and differently, in a worse economic environment, with less money. Keeping your job might be tough, so here are four resolutions that can help you stay employed. 1. Stop blindly… Read More »