Pay Attention to What You’re Posting, Or Nobody Else Will

How you represent your company can be as simple as what is included in a job posting. Think about it. Each company has a certain style to its job postings. An established bank has a different tone from a startup technology company. What you say within your posting will determine the type of applicants you will get. The information you include in your job posting speaks volumes about your company, recruiting practices and professionalism.
Here are some tips to consider:
Personality: If you are reissuing a posting sent to you from another manager or from years past, rewrite it. As a human resources representative, you are responsible for projecting the pulse of the company. Who best to write a job description? Include information that entices the applicant, from your knowledge about the entire company, not just a single department. Write your postings to reflect the personality of the type of employee the company is looking for. Show why your company is unique and special, just like the potential employee looking at you.
Search Engine Optimization: Make sure your job posting includes the relevant keywords relating to the position, so it is easier to find for job seekers on the internet. Cross posting the exact same job description to numerous websites and job boards does not increase your position in search engines. In fact, it makes the ability to find the position more difficult. If posting to numerous sites, make sure to change the wording of your posting, so it does not get overlooked by search engines.
Be Specific: Include information about the office environment, benefits and the hiring process. Include your requirements and qualifications, but also present the detailed goals and achievements for the position’s potential.
Social Sharing: Make sure all job posts have social sharing buttons, meaning the ability for job seekers and others to share the posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and e-mail. Just because one person may not feel a job is right for them, they may know someone else who is. Not sure how to do this? Contact your webmaster.
Job postings are the best opportunity to showcase your organization and win the best candidates. For more information on job posting, contact Morgan Hunter Corporate Search today.