Hiring in IT? Tips for Leveraging Assessment Testing

Candidates may look good on paper, but are their skills up to par? One way to tell is through the use of assessment testing. As leading Kansas City technical recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows that assessments can help you identify those who have the right skills for the job – and make a smart hiring decision in… Read More »

How to Get IT Talent to Fall in Love with Your Organization

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Hot Tech Skills to Look for When Recruiting IT Talent

In 2015, the pace of job growth in IT is still moving in a positive direction. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for IT professionals was just under 3% in September. While there has been a solid demand for certain skill sets for years, other hot skills are… Read More »

What to Listen for When Conducting an IT Reference Check

You finally found the right candidate for your IT job opening. But will they stand up to scrutiny when you check their references? While only time will tell, it’s critically important that you take a slow and thorough approach when conducting reference checks. As one of the leading IT staffing agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows first-hand… Read More »

How to Spot IT Talent with Leadership Potential

As IT takes on a larger and larger role in business, it becomes more critical to acquire talent with the skills to accomplish their core tasks and the vision to lead your company to future greatness. How can you ensure you hire for success when looking for tech leaders? Identify Current Successes What are the… Read More »

How to Snag Top IT Talent in the Coming Year

As Kansas City IT recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows hiring top IT talent is as tough as it’s ever been – and in 2015 it will likely be no different. But it’s still possible to attract the best people and sharpen your competitive edge if you take the right approach. You simply need to know where to look… Read More »

Why Customer Service & Communication Skills are Important for IT Candidates

When recruiting IT candidates, you may be focused on coding capabilities and a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms. But did you know that soft skills – like customer service and communication – are incredibly important too when it comes to hiring the right tech talent? As Kansas City IT recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows that hiring… Read More »

How to Spot (and Hire!) The Ideal Tech Job Candidate

As Kansas City IT recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows spotting and hiring quality tech talent is never easy. But top-performing employees can be far more productive than their average or under-performing counterparts, giving your company a competitive advantage in the end. So knowing how to recognize them is key during the hiring process. Here are some tips… Read More »

Time to Hire? Why Outsourcing Can Actually Save You Money

When you need tax or legal help, you don’t think twice about contacting an accountant or lawyer. But have ever considered engaging an IT recruiting expert to hire the technical talent you need? When it comes avoiding the risk of a hiring mistake – and saving time and money during the hiring process – Kansas… Read More »

Is Your IT Team Ready for the Next Big Thing?

As top technical recruiters in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows finding the right technical talent is critical if you want to outpace your competitors. But just like any new technology that eventually grows obsolete, so do skill sets. With that in mind, what are the biggest trends coming up this year and in the future –… Read More »