Master the Art of Newsjacking and Land Your IT Dream Job

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Nothing quite compares to the excitement of finding a new job, especially when it’s in the rapidly growing and constantly changing world of Information Technology (IT). Resource sites like LinkedIn are incredibly helpful to network with established professionals. Since many organizations actively recruit through online professional communities, engaging in them can give job seekers the edge they’re looking for. And by using modern tactics like newsjacking, IT pros can get themselves noticed fast. 


What is Newsjacking? 

An effective job search in the digital age requires savvy strategy and a willingness to capitalize on timely opportunities. Newsjacking, first conceptualized by David Meerman Scott in 2011, allows you to connect your own insights to breaking news stories and trending topics – effectively getting yourself noticed in topical spheres. 

“If I were putting myself out there for a new job, I would piggyback on trending topics such as remote or hybrid – that’s a really great angle to take,” says Adam Loewen, Director of Morgan Hunter’s Information Technology Recruiting Division. 

Getting noticed is a major plus, but make sure you are expressing yourself in the best way possible. It helps to understand the platform you are using so that you post professionally and follow any procedures unique to the site. Exercise respect for other peoples’ opinions, too. There’s a balance between getting noticed and oversaturating audiences with your name and opinions. Be aware that your current employer might see what you post. 

And remember: what you post online is there forever, so share with caution. 


What Are the Latest IT Trends? 

Hybrid jobs are becoming the new normal, and a way that employers to be more appealing in a competitive hiring market, given all the remote opportunities the pandemic essentially created. The market continues to be strong for strong IT pros. Although some companies across the nation are cutting costs through layoffs, Kansas City’s business market remains an exception as they continue to hire for a variety of roles, especially specialists in certain technologies. This comes at a time when hybrid job infrastructures are increasingly popular with more workers returning to company-based offices. 

“You probably want to start opening up your mind to the fact that remote was great, and you can find it again, but more and more companies are going back to at least hybrid,” says Loewen. 

Employers now must figure out how to attract and hire modern talent, while many developers are weighing the pros and cons of shifting back to regular office hours. Everyone is having to get creative with finding solutions, and compromises are being made on both sides. Because of the constant shifts, job seekers should ask crucial questions about the future when researching a company and interviewing for a job. 

“I’ve recently talked to more people that said, ‘Wow, it was a plot twist. I really thought this was going to be a fully remote job. Now they want people in the office, and I’m back to square one,’” Loewen says. “Make sure you do a good job of asking what your work situation is now and what is being talked about for the future.” 


Is Passion the Key to a Growing Career Path? 

The reality is: Employers want to hire people that see their job as more than a way to gather a paycheck.  They want people who are passionate about their craft.  So, it’s important to go after jobs you are most passionate about that will ultimately leave you more fulfilled, and inherently boost your career. Having an open attitude and desire for learning can be one of the most valuable traits you bring to an interview. Embrace every opportunity as it comes; doing what you love with dedication inevitably leads to more fulfilling work. 

Proactive efforts to improve your IT skills— like taking educational courses— demonstrate your commitment to the profession. Because no one’s going to be a perfect match and not every technical skill will be necessary for certain jobs, focusing on being a continual learner who is passionate about what they do will push you further than you might think. 

 Learn how to market yourself and to convey what you’ve done. Don’t just say you know how to use an application; get specific. For example: how did you successfully use your skills to accomplish business goals? How did you work with a team to face challenges head on? Take ownership of your successes and offer examples as proof that you know what you are doing.  

“You want to paint those actual pictures because the more they can hear about you actually doing the work and how it affected a business, the more credible you sound,” says Loewen. 


What Can I Do to Stand Out? 

Looking for a job can be daunting, especially in today’s fast-paced market. That’s why online job boards like are helpful tools to understand the hiring landscape. There are endless possibilities; you can search by job titles, technologies, location, or relevance and get the perfect overview of what is out there. However, even with all the great resources that job boards offer, they might not always contain all the openings available, and getting past the job portal “gatekeepers” can be a challenge. 

This is why fostering and building relationships is essential to finding an IT job. The more connections you have, the more detailed insight you’ll get into an organization or industry. This can include finding key information such as revenue, culture fit, and insights into different divisions like finance, sales, and operations. Investing time to build up relationships will help you attain success in recruitment today and far beyond. Morgan Hunter recruiters often work on projects that haven’t been posted yet and exist solely through word-of-mouth. 

“The more you’re able to keep your name out there, the more you’re able to create these opportunities for conversation to happen – really, a recruiter’s greatest value is to get you to the front of the line to promote conversation,” says Loewen. 


Work with Morgan Hunter! 

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