Does Your IT Hiring Strategy Need Help?

Consider these statistics: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs grew at a rate faster than for other occupations, even through the recession. Likewise, according to the TechServe Alliance IT Index, IT employment hit an all-time high of 4,107,700 jobs in January 2012 and has hit successive all-times highs in all subsequent months but… Read More »

The Future of Your IT Team: How to Recruit & Hire Millenials

Millenials are those born between 1980 and 2000 – and they’re the future of your IT team. So what’s your plan for recruiting them? As one of the leading IT staffing agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows if it’s the same as other generations, you’ve got a problem. Millenials (also known as Gen Y’ers)… Read More »

The #1 Tip for Scouting Coders

As a leading Kansas City IT staffing firm, Morgan Hunter knows that the competition for IT talent is fierce, particularly for coders. So if your organization is looking to hire top-notch talent, you’ve got your work cut out for you. That said, there is one step you can take to make your job a whole lot… Read More »

How to Better Recruit IT Talent (Hint: It’s Probably Not What You Think)

Here’s a question for you: Are potential IT recruits even listening to what you’re saying when you try to contact them? If you’re approaching them with an email that reads something along the lines of – “Hey, I’m a hiring manager in Kansas City and I have a job you’d be a great fit for.… Read More »

5 Things You Need to Know When Hiring IT Talent

Finding top IT job candidates is a challenge these days considering how in-demand they are. As a result, you need a competitive edge when it comes time to hire. So how can you go about finding the best IT job candidates – and then retaining them once they’re on board? As leading Kansas City IT… Read More »

Most Companies Fail to Anticipate Their IT Staffing Needs – how to avoid being one of them!

One of the fastest growing industries, Information Technology or IT, should be growing its staffs as fast as technology changes, but according to a recent study, many are falling behind. Many IT managers fail to plan properly for the future of their IT department. A recent IT executive study, released by TEKsystems, states that 60%… Read More »