Seven Ways to Implement New Technology in Your Candidate Search

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Technology has forever changed the way tech job candidates and employers interact. Rather than posting a position and screening talent, today’s approach to recruitment is more about engagement and relationships, all while using the most sophisticated tools available. That means if you’re still only sticking to traditional methods, you’re losing a competitive advantage when it comes to IT sourcing and hiring.

As leading tech recruiters serving Kansas City companies, Morgan Hunter can help. To innovate your candidate search process – and find the talented professionals you need – here are seven different ways to use technology:

1. Artificial intelligence.

More and more companies are using AI tools to not only identify and match talent with potential jobs, but also interact with them. For instance, tools supported by AI are alerting candidates about the status of a job through real-time updates, creating a more positive experience for them.

2. Social media and mobile.

According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates. That’s up from 11% in 2006. What’s more is that active candidates are more likely to apply to companies when there’s a positive online employer brand on social media. To them, it makes the company more visible, more familiar and more easily trusted.

Of course, most candidates are looking at social media for jobs using mobile devices. In fact, Undercover Recruiter reports that 45% of job seekers search for openings daily on their mobile device and 89%  think mobile plays a critical role in the job hunting process.

3. Gamification.

In recent years, there’s been an uptick in companies using gamification as part of their recruiting strategy, incorporating online games to find and screen talent. For instance, the process can include quizzes related to industry challenges or behavioral assessments that encourage candidates to engage with a company. These, in turn, better enables tech recruiters and hiring managers to assess attitudes, skills and abilities.

4. Video interviewing.

Finding and hiring tech professionals often means reaching outside your geographic location. This can get pricey, which is where video interviewing comes into play. It helps to facilitate interviews without the high cost, so hiring managers can assess candidates from all over the world from afar without a huge expense.

5. Targeted recruiting ads.

These help companies target specific candidates based on factors like interests and locations. They’re common in the consumer world, however, they’re also starting to emerge in recruitment, as well.

6. SEO.

While search engine optimization has been around for a while, it’s still a must if you want candidates to find your job postings. Investing efforts into better SEO makes your positions more visible and therefore more likely to show up in candidate searches.

7. Networking.

Most tech professionals are passive job seekers and not necessarily looking for new opportunities. That’s why using technology to network with them is such an important part of the equation. For instance, sites like GitHub and Stackoverflow, as well as community forums and online events are some places where today’s employers are seeking out emerging and experienced talent.

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