5 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Team

During the summer months and into fall, it can be challenging to keep your employees motivated and on track toward achieving company goals. If your team’s performance has been lackluster, what can you do to get their heads back in the game – and get them inspired? Here are 5 sure-fire ways to motivate:

#1: Praise openly, praise often.

As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows that one simple way to keep your staff on target is to make sure you recognize them consistently for their hard work. Stop by their office, shoot them an email, or sing their praises on your company website or in the company newsletter. However you choose to recognize your employees isn’t as important as making sure you do it. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to motivate your staff members.

#2: Make sure your employees have a voice.

Encourage creative thinking, schedule regular brainstorming sessions and ensure your staff knows your door is always open. When they know they can come to you with questions, concerns, and ideas – without getting automatically shot down – they’ll be far more inspired to innovate and create. You may even want to consider creating a regular time – say, for instance, once a month – where your team brainstorms about challenging projects or new ways to create business.

#3: Create a supportive environment.

Having a strong support system in place is important to help your employees do their jobs. If they are stuck or need some extra help, people within a support system can step in and provide the input, ideas and feedback necessary to jumpstart your employee.

#4: Trust your employees.

If you’re the kind of boss who constantly hovers, then your employees are going to think you don’t trust them and will eventually disengage. It’s important to give your people ownership over their own projects and let them make decisions without you constantly stepping in. Having that level of responsibility will keep them interested in their work and motivated to do their best.

#5: Don’t forget about fun.

Employees don’t necessarily come to work to have fun. But every so often, it’s ok to cut loose and have some fun at work. For instance, host a team lunch and go bowling afterwards, or have a picnic on a Friday and let employees leave early. When you have fun at work you’re not only facilitating relationships between you and your employees, but you’re also ensuring they stay motivated to go to work each day.

Do you need more help finding motivated employees for your team? Call Morgan Hunter. As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, our experts can learn about your unique needs and then get to work finding the right-fit people for your company. Contact Morgan Hunter today to learn more.