5 Rules for Getting Your Social Media Efforts Off to a Great Start

As a staffing firm specializing in filling marketing jobs, Morgan Hunter knows that many of today’s marketing managers have a love / hate relationship with social media. They see the value it offers; but at the same time, they’re overwhelmed by the challenges it poses. For instance, after a day of putting out fires, attending meetings, and dealing with employee issues, who has time to take on a social media campaign?

The answer is: You do…with the right approach, of course.

To help you delegate social media responsibility and get your communication efforts off to a great start, here are some rules of the road to follow:

Rule #1: Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business.

You decide your company needs Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Now what?

Before taking action, it’s important to create a social media strategy for your business. To do so, do your homework first. Establish clear goals and metrics for your campaign. Determine the best channels in which to communicate to your audience. And craft a unified brand that can be used across the board.

Rule #2: Set the Ground Rules for Your Social Media Efforts.

This means outlining ownership of various aspects of your communications via social media. For instance:

  • Who will handle blogging and who will respond to requests via Twitter?
  • Approximately how much time should each person spend each day on these tasks?
  • Within what timeframe should they respond to customer comments/questions?
  • What should they do if an irate customer is blasting the company online?

Rule #3: Watch Your Tone on the Web.

Before going forward with your social media efforts, it’s important to think about the tone you want to take. For instance, should communications be more formal and authoritative, witty and perhaps a little bit sarcastic, or laid-back and conversational?

Rule #4: Find Your Biggest Fan.

Is there someone within the company who is absolutely fanatical about the products and/or services you offer? Are they outgoing and likeable to boot? If so, then that person could be a great advocate for your brand and should be put to use tooting the company’s horn on the web.

Rule #5: Make Sure Your Marketing Team is on the Same Page.

Considering that social media is the public face of your company on the web, you need to ensure that anyone involved in the efforts is on the same page. They should be aware of the rules you’ve set, your social media goals, the company’s unique value propositions, and how to properly portray them online.

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