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What Can Recruiters Do that You Can’t?

When you’ve been hit with a legal claim, you turn to an attorney. Likewise, when you need accounting help, you look to a CPA. So why should it be any different when you need to hire? Unless you’re an experienced recruiter or HR professional, it can be challenging to find the people you need, where and when… Read More »

5 Job Interview Questions to Ask Marketing Professionals

Hiring the right marketing professionals can be more challenging than hiring the right IT or engineering professionals. With the latter, you can review their skill set and background and gain a strong sense of the value they bring to the table. With marketing, however, the picture is not always so clear. After all, marketers are… Read More »

How to Promote Company Culture During Hiring

When it comes to hiring, never underestimate the value of your company’s culture. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows it can have a huge impact on your ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest employees for your business. So how do you promote it during the hiring process?… Read More »

Top Benefits of Team Building (and 6 Great Ideas to Try)

As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows when the pressure’s on – hot projects need to be completed and customer complaints dealt with – team building can be hard to devote much time to. However, if you want to develop a strong team, then it’s essential you invest toward achieving that goal. When you… Read More »

5 Ways to Get More from Your Staffing Budget

In good times or bad, it makes business sense to keep your staffing budget under control. When business is slow, keep personnel expenses low. When things pick up, maintain a lean headcount and you can respond quickly to market changes or unexpected opportunities. Develop cost-saving strategies that make the most sense for your business. How… Read More »

2015 Strategic Staffing Trends to Adopt

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows if you’re looking to grow your business in 2015 – or take on new initiatives – then strategic staffing needs to be a part of your overall business plan. What trends should you take advantage of in the year ahead? Here’s a… Read More »

How to Snag Top IT Talent in the Coming Year

As Kansas City IT recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows hiring top IT talent is as tough as it’s ever been – and in 2015 it will likely be no different. But it’s still possible to attract the best people and sharpen your competitive edge if you take the right approach. You simply need to know where to look… Read More »

4 Signs It’s Time to Work With a Staffing Firm

Business is doing great. You should be thrilled. But instead you dread going to the office. Demand is up, but morale and productivity are down. Sound familiar? If it does, it could be because your company is growing so fast that your core staff simply can’t keep up, or catch up. You know you need… Read More »

Top Traits to Look for When Hiring Accounting & Finance Talent

When hiring accounting and finance talent, hard skills are key. Without them, even the brightest candidate will flounder on the job. But those kinds of skills are easy to test for and verify. As a leading Kansas City staffing services firm, Morgan Hunter knows what’s not so easy to detect are the soft skills that are also… Read More »

Why Poor Hiring Decisions Are Made (and How to Avoid Them)

As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows that poor hiring decisions are expensive, plain and simple. In fact, just one hiring mistake can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. While the end result of a bad hire is the same, there are many factors that result in these poor decisions.… Read More »