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4 Signs It’s Time to Work With a Staffing Firm

Business is doing great. You should be thrilled. But instead you dread going to the office. Demand is up, but morale and productivity are down. Sound familiar? If it does, it could be because your company is growing so fast that your core staff simply can’t keep up, or catch up. You know you need… Read More »

Top Traits to Look for When Hiring Accounting & Finance Talent

When hiring accounting and finance talent, hard skills are key. Without them, even the brightest candidate will flounder on the job. But those kinds of skills are easy to test for and verify. As a leading Kansas City staffing services firm, Morgan Hunter knows what’s not so easy to detect are the soft skills that are also… Read More »

Why Poor Hiring Decisions Are Made (and How to Avoid Them)

As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows that poor hiring decisions are expensive, plain and simple. In fact, just one hiring mistake can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. While the end result of a bad hire is the same, there are many factors that result in these poor decisions.… Read More »

Hiring Trends For Fall 2014

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows that with fall in high gear, it’s a busy time for companies looking to bring fresh faces on board. What’s new when it comes to trends in hiring? Here’s a quick look: Part-time hiring continues to grow. There are many factors influencing this trend, but the… Read More »

Advance Within? Or Look Outside? Which Hiring Option is Better for Your Firm?

You have a position opening up within the company. Should you promote from within, or look outside to recruit a new hire? The easy answer? As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows there is no easy answer. It all depends on your unique situation – for instance, the skill set of your internal… Read More »

How to Retain Your Top Sales & Marketing Talent

Top sales and marketing people are key to the success of your organization. After all, they’re how you generate new business and drive profits. However, as a Kansas City sales and marketing staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows attracting and retaining them can be a challenge. In fact, according to CSO Insights, which uses research metrics to… Read More »

Tools To Determine What Personality Your Team Has

As a leading staffing services firm serving Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that in an ideal world, all your team members would get along and work together seamlessly to get the job done. In the real world, though, that’s typically not the case. In fact, in most offices, some personalities seem to be constantly in conflict… Read More »

Is Your Online (Employer) Reputation Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts? How to Tell and What You Can Do About It

As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows your current and former employees can be your best advocates when it comes to building a strong employer brand. Or they can crush your reputation – and hurt your recruiting and hiring efforts – through job review and social media sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn and Vault. Once… Read More »

Three Reasons You Should Supplement Your Staff With Contract Help

Each day, millions of professionals work on a contract basis at U.S. companies – and it’s no wonder why. As one of Kansas City’s top staffing agencies, Morgan Hunter knows contract help provides these firms with a host of benefits, including the ability to augment core staff and respond to changes in the marketplace. If you’re interested in… Read More »

How to Sell Your Company (and Position!) in Job Interviews

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows many employers look at interviews as a one-sided prospect: It’s up to the candidate to sell themselves and make a convincing argument as to why they should be hired. But really, when you’re looking to hire high quality candidates, you need to entice the best people… Read More »