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How to Interview for Initiative and Drive

All companies want to hire employee that will be successful in the position, but figuring out a candidate’s drive isn’t always an easy task. As a leading Overland Park staffing services firm, Morgan Hunter knows candidates can present a very different image of who they truly are in a job interview. How do you dig beneath… Read More »

Five Signs of a Great Recruiting Firm

When you need to hire top talent, partnering with an Kansas City recruiting firm is certainly worth considering. There are numerous proven benefits, from fast access to a quality talent pipeline to more flexibility and lower staffing costs. However, not all recruiting firms are created equal. When you’re shopping around for one that’s right for your… Read More »

Six Tips for Keeping Employees Engaged and Productive

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows “engagement” is more than just a buzzword. It has a significant impact on your business in areas ranging from retention to profits. Not only do engaged employees feel more passionate about and connected to their employers, but they’re also more productive as a result. Follow these… Read More »

How to Update Your HR Practices for Better Hiring Success

Most companies strive to be innovative. They commit to developing the latest products, cutting edge services, and industry leading solutions. And yet, as human resource and staffing specialists in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows when it comes to HR, they’re still operating in the Stone Age. This becomes a problem not only when trying to attract quality… Read More »

Is Your Company Suffering from Attrition? Here’s What to Do

Losing employees can have a big impact on your company whether people are retiring, relocating or just moving on to greener pastures. Filling the open position or finding a way to handle workload without replacing the employee can consume time and money resources. Here are some questions to ask yourself to address employee turnover. Are… Read More »

“Average” Employees: How Much Are They Costing You?

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows great companies are not built on average employees. And yet, there are certainly times when a candidate looks promising on paper only to fall far short once on the job. They’re not poor performers, exactly; they’re just “average,” doing enough to get by, nothing more or… Read More »

5 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter knows when it comes to employee retention, things aren’t looking good for U.S. employers. In fact, according to a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, the average tenure of an employee is now only 1.5 years. What’s worse is that it usually takes a good six months… Read More »

Narrowing Your Candidate Field: How to Utilize the Experience of Your Recruiter

Post a job, get bombarded by resumes from hundreds of job candidates…many of whom aren’t qualified. If this sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. But if you work with a Kansas City recruiter, the good news is that you can leverage their experience to your benefit – to help you narrow the candidate field and identify… Read More »

Your Company’s Investments: How Important is Internal Hiring in the Mix?

How much are you planning to spend on internal hiring in the coming year? If it’s less than last year, then you could be in trouble. In fact, according to the 2013 Global Recruiting Trends survey recently released by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, 92% of companies plan to invest more or at least the same on… Read More »

5 Reasons Hiring New College Graduates Can Produce High ROI

Sure, new college graduates may lack the experience and insight you’d typically look for when hiring for your company. But there are also plenty of benefits to hiring them, including ones that can help you produce a higher return on your investment. Here’s a look at a few: Reason #1: Less Money  As a leading Kansas… Read More »