Here’s Why Taking a Walk During Work Can Help Your Morale

Work can be stressful. From hot projects to tight deadlines and difficult customers, it can certainly take a toll on the overall well-being of both you and your staff. Not only that, but if you’re all sitting in front of computers all day, it’s even worse. This can drain your brain and deplete energy.

One way to combat this?

By taking a walk. In fact, it’s been proven that by breaking away from your desk and taking a walk outside, you can actually improve your mood and morale, not to mention your physical health. That’s because when you get away from your work, even for a few minutes, you experience different stimuli and have an opportunity to develop new perspectives. As a result, you return feeling re-energized.

And the proof is in the research. For instance, in a survey conducted by Stanford, they concluded that daily walks improved productivity and creativity. Another study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that those who moved more and accumulated an hour of physical activity each day cut their mortality risk in half.

In addition, in an article in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, a research study found that employees who spent at least 2.5 hours each week at work doing some type of health-promoting activity, such as walking, were more satisfied with their work.

And there’s more good news. When employees are healthier, they’re happier, too, delivering a stronger performance on the job, staying more focused and making fewer mistakes. This all translates into better bottom-line results. Not only that, but they have a healthy outlet in which to decompress and destress, so their minds are calmer and sharper.

When it comes to walking, you don’t need to find an hour in your day to set aside for the activity. In fact, if you take a few 10- to 15-minute walks throughout your day, you’ll more easily fit them in while still reaping the positive results. Other ways to get more walking into your busy day include parking farther away from work or taking the elevator instead of the stairs.

Need more tips and advice on combatting workplace stress?

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