Signs Your Top Employee Might Be Leaving Soon


Employee turnover is inevitable at every company. However, when it’s top employees leaving or there’s too much of it, your bottom line can take a hit. In fact, some studies report that businesses can lose tens of thousands of dollars due to high turnover. This is caused by issues ranging from lost productivity to new hiring costs, training and more.

So what are some signs that a leading team member is getting ready to make a move, so you can intervene ahead of time? Here are a few warning signs to look for:

They’re not as productive.

Your super-star employee has gone from acing every job you give them to barely getting by. They’re not meeting deadlines, aren’t contributing at meetings and don’t seem to care much about the impact it’s all having on the team. This is a red flag that they’ve become disengaged and are no longer vested in the success of the company.

They don’t want to commit to long-term projects.

When an employee has decided to make a change, their body might physically be in the office, but their mind has already checked out. As a result, they’re less likely to commit to longer-term or more complex projects. They want to be free and clear to leave at a point that’s not in the middle of a big initiative.

They’re more active on LinkedIn.

This often indicates that they’re polishing their profile to gain the attention of hiring managers and recruiters, as well as networking in search of a new job. So look for increased notifications when it comes to the groups they’ve joined, articles they’ve shared and new connections they’ve made. These actions will often boost the visibility of their profile.

They’re suddenly out sick a lot or coming in late.

When an employee who rarely called in and was always on time suddenly is taking a lot of sick days or coming into the office an hour late, then it could be due to their job search. They’re either using this time to interview or hunt for a new position, or they’re maxing out their vacation time before submitting their resignation.

They were recently passed over for a promotion.

If an employee feels they were a shoo-in for advancement but weren’t offered it, it’s easy for them to get frustrated and discouraged. They might be feeling undervalued and unappreciated, which means they could be looking elsewhere for a more rewarding opportunity

If you’ve got a sinking suspicion that an employee is about to leave, trust your gut. Schedule a meeting and spend some time with them, asking about their satisfaction at work and what you could do to improve their experience.


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One thought on “Signs Your Top Employee Might Be Leaving Soon

  1. It is nice to see some businesses still value their hard working top employees! And are guinely concerned about losing them! Imagine working for a company that fires all their top employees to keep the ones that are stealing the “hard workers” completed jobs and calling it their own! Maybe they want to go bankrupt and want the lousy employees to go down with them? Just a thought?! #appreciatebeingappreciated #hopeyouremployeesrespectyouback

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