5 Training Tips to Get the Most Out of Your New Hire

Hiring is a lot of work with many steps involved. And even when you find that right-fit person, there’s still more to do. The good news is that if you take a strategic approach and properly train them, you can make the most of your new hire and get them up and running faster. To help you in the process, here are five training tips to follow:

#1: Welcome them.

When your new hire first starts, they’re going to be nervous and stressed. In the back of their head, they’re also going to be wondering whether they made the right move. Affirm their decision by welcoming them. Make sure you’re there to greet them on their first day; play tour guide by showing them their office, as well as where the bathroom, mailroom, and lunchroom is; and introduce them around. They’ll immediately feel more welcomed and like part of the team, faster.

#2: Focus on key contacts.

When you’re taking your new employee around, you don’t have to introduce them to everyone at the company. This would be overwhelming and they’ll never remember each person’s name and face. Instead, be more strategic in your approach, connecting them with key contacts, including those they’ll be working directly with. Also provide them with a list of each person’s name, title, and position within the company, so they can refer to it as needed.

#3: Make the first day fun.

You need your new employee to get down to business. However, they’re probably not going to get a lot done during those first few days on the job, so try to have a little fun instead. Take them out to lunch or to a group happy hour with the team. This will enable you all to get to know each other better, on a more personal level, so they can start forging fruitful relationships.

#4: Help them learn about the company.

There’s a lot to know and they won’t learn it all in a day or two. However, you can speed up the process by putting together some resources for your new employee. For instance, give them copies of the company newsletter, directory, employee handbook, and annual report, as well as any pertinent marketing materials.

#5: Keep your door open.

In those first few days and weeks on the job, expect a lot of questions and be available to answer them for your new employee. When they have the information they need, they’ll be less likely to make a mistake. They’ll also feel more comfortable and confident coming to you in the future with any obstacles or challenges, so you can both deal with them before they escalate.

A new job is stressful for everyone, no matter how experienced. But make it all a little easier by following the steps above. And if you’d like professional help finding that right-fit new hire to train, turn to the Kansas City recruiters at Morgan Hunter for help. Call us today!