Are You Offering What Job Seekers Are Looking For?

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When you’re hiring, you want to find the best talent. That means sourcing those who have the right mix of technical skills and behavioral traits that will be an optimal fit for your company. But during the process, are you also thinking about job seekers and what they’re looking for in an employer? In other words, what’s going to attract them to your postings and position?

Thanks to a low unemployment rate, today’s candidates have many choices. If you don’t provide what’s appealing to them, they’re going to look elsewhere. As a result, it’s critical to ensure what you’ve got is what they want. Not sure where to begin? The experts at Morgan Hunter, one of Kansas City’s top staffing agencies, have the answers you need. Here’s a look at four areas to focus on:

#1: Building a positive employer brand and culture.

When people come to work each day, they want to do so in an environment they feel good about. Whether yours is large or small, formal or relaxed, it’s therefore important to communicate and promote its unique attributes and why candidates would want to work there. You can do that in any number of ways, from broadcasting videos with employees walking viewers through a day in the office to authoring company blog posts about culture.

#2: Allowing flexible scheduling.

Gone are the days when employees worked nine to five in the office. Job seekers today want more flexibility, whether it’s through flex hours, telecommuting or a non-traditional schedule. In fact, according to a survey by, 20% said they’d take a 10% pay cut for more scheduling flexibility. Through technology, this is something that’s become far easier to allow. And when you do, you’re going to attract better quality candidates who will see this benefit as a way to achieve better work-life balance.

#3: Making an offer that’s competitive.

While money isn’t everything to many job seekers, they do expect to be paid fairly. And thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of resources out there for them to conduct research about their market value. So if your offers are low, you’re automatically going to lose points with them. Instead, before posting a job, do your homework to check what your competitors are offering and ensure your compensation packages are in line with them.

#4: Giving employees opportunities to learn and grow.

It takes a while to get up to speed and productive on the job. However, once they are, candidates want to know there are opportunities for career growth and development, whether through training, continuing education or mentoring programs. This sends the message to them that your organization cares about its people and wants to invest in them.

Would you like help making your company more competitive in the job market?

Turn to Morgan Hunter, one of Kansas City’s leading staffing agencies, We know the candidate market and what job seekers want out of potential employers. As a result, we can help you position your openings in a way that best appeals to the most qualified talent available. Contact our team today to learn more.