5 Things You Need to Know When Hiring IT Talent

Finding top IT job candidates is a challenge these days considering how in-demand they are. As a result, you need a competitive edge when it comes time to hire.

So how can you go about finding the best IT job candidates – and then retaining them once they’re on board? As leading Kansas City IT recruiters, Morgan Hunter has a few tips you can follow:

1. Know the Market.

What’s the going rate for the type of IT job candidate you need in your geographic region? What are your top competitors paying their talent? What kinds of benefits are they offering? You can’t afford to be in the dark any longer about important questions like these if you want to hire and retain the best IT employees. So before you even start the hiring process, it’s important to get answers to these questions so you can offer competitive compensation.

2. Know How IT Job Candidates Perceive You.

If you have a limited online presence, then candidates in the IT marketplace likely won’t perceive you as positively as an employer that engages in consistent communication via social media, their website, and other online forums and sites. That’s why it’s important to cultivate an online presence that goes beyond just Tweeting about IT jobs.

3. Know What IT Job Candidates Want.

Sure, pay and benefits are important to IT candidates…but so are challenging and interesting assignments in addition to opportunities for growth and advancement. Also, once hired, it’s important to offer them some autonomy; IT employees typically don’t want to be constrained, so set goals expectations and then let them determine how to get there. Employers who offer these advantages will have the upper hand when it comes time to hire.

4. Know Why an IT Employee Left.

If an employee gives their two weeks notice, conduct an exit interview to determine why they’re leaving. While they’ll often cite pay or benefits, it’s important to ask why they were open to new opportunities in the first place. If you can find out why another employer seems more attractive, you can shore up retention weaknesses within your company.

5. Know What You’re Doing Right…and Wrong.

Every six to 12 months, assess your IT retention efforts by asking questions about how IT employees are performing, the level of training and development opportunities available to them, their level of access to top technology, and their perspective on the work culture. If there’s a problem brewing, you can hopefully solve it before a key player exits the team.

Need Help Recruiting & Retaining IT Employees?

If you do, let us know. As leading Kansas City IT recruiters, Morgan Hunter specializes in recruiting technology professionals, ranging from Chief Information Officers to Desktop Support. All candidates are rigorously screened by our consultants to ensure their technical compatibility, and to identify the personality traits which allow them to blend smoothly into your organization. Contact Morgan Hunter if you’re ready to partner with expert IT recruiters in the Midwest!