New Grads: Unlock Your Job Search Potential with the Help of a Recruiter

experienced talent recruiter helps college student find a job through contract work

experienced talent recruiter helps college student find a job through contract work

As a recent college graduate, you face an exciting but daunting challenge. You just earned a degree – champagne for all! But once the confetti is vacuumed away, it’s time to put that prestigious piece of paper to work. On day one of the rest of your life, how do you go about finding the right job? Working with a recruiter can maximize your job search potential. Here are four reasons these career-finding professionals help you find the perfect fit!


Reason #1 : Recruiters Are “In The Know”

Due to their vast experience, recruiters often have insider knowledge that you could never find on your own.

“I would say 85 to 90% of our jobs are not listed with other recruiting firms,” said Harry Brewer, Director of the Accounting & Finance Division with Morgan Hunter.

They understand that different companies have different requirements and values when hiring and are often on the pulse of what employers are seeking for their ideal candidate. With experience working with both employers and applicants, they know what establishments want and how you should best present yourself as an attractive candidate.

A recent Morgan Hunter success story exemplifies how working with a recruiter can help a job seeker highlight their strengths. A global law firm was looking for a detail-oriented employee they could trust with complex work. In exchange, they offered a competitive salary to a recent graduate.

“Even though the candidate had limited internship experience, he had those characteristics they were looking for and we were able to position him for this opportunity,” Brewer said. “They hired him permanently, and six months later, they’re now hoping that after a year they’ll be able to advance his role.”

Because they’ve done this countless times before, a recruiter can give you tips on how to break away from the noise and provide feedback on things like cover letters or resumes to tailor them specifically towards each employer’s needs. Think of them as your own personal career stylist. They’ll dress you in the latest occupational fashions so that you shine down the runway towards success!

Reason #2 : Recruiters Match You With Companies That Value You Most

When looking for a job, your time is valuable. You need to spend it wisely by not wasting hours searching through countless job postings. A recruiter can help you save time by doing some of the legwork for you. They will match you with a company that truly values all your key skills, background, and qualifications. Finding a role that is right for you can be an overwhelming task, but they can ensure a complementary fit between you and your employer and guarantee that your talents will be fully appreciated.

Don’t settle for just any job. A good recruiter will have inside knowledge on open positions and be able to point you in the right direction so that your resume is seen by employers who are looking for candidates with degrees and credentials like yours. This way, you don’t have to sift through hundreds of postings just to find one that’s relevant. A recruiter will tailor the recommendations to where you see yourself in the future.

Reason #3 : Recruiters Have Years of Experience

Experience is the name of the game when it comes to job success. Recruiters have been there, done that, and have established relationships within many different industries.

“Just among the people on my team, we have about 60 years of marketing experience between us. We can connect people,” Brewer said.

Recruiters help establish relationships between recent grads and potential employers that might not be advertising available positions publicly yet. They can also provide advice on networking opportunities or professional development activities you can attend to get ahead of your competition.

They also take the guesswork out of the game, giving you advice on what to prioritize, how much you should be seeking pay-wise, and which perks to go for, such as work-from-home opportunities, vacation time, and benefits. Recruiters know when it’s time to compromise and when to be flexible. You can trust that their experience will lead you in the right direction.

Reason #4 : They Build Long-Lasting Relationships

The connection you form with a recruiter doesn’t end once you land the job. In a world where networking is crucial to getting a great job, keeping the relationship alive with your recruiter matters more than you think. Having them in your community brings huge potential benefits that will last far beyond the search process.

Don’t miss the instant advantage of tapping into a recruiter’s resources and expanding your personal network – it could just be the crucial bonus you need to get hired for a future position. Keep the relationship alive and build on it with continuous communication. You’ll be amazed with how much growth potential it unlocks.

By building upon the relationship with your recruiter, you become part of their network, which means they may recommend you for positions before anyone else even has a chance to apply. This kind of early exposure gives you an edge over other candidates who may be applying at the same time. It also gives them an opportunity to get to know your work style, making it easier for them to vouch for your skills when endorsing you for future positions.


Ready to Create Your Future?

Taking the first career steps after graduation can be intimidating but working with a recruiter is the best way to make sure entering the job market goes as smoothly as possible. With all the advantages of a recruiter just a connection away, it only makes sense that every recent graduate should consider working with one when embarking upon their first post-collegiate career journey. Are you ready? Contact our team today and kickstart your next move!