4 Ways to Improve Your Tech Skills and Become More Hirable

Close-up Shot of Female IT Engineer Working in Monitoring Room


You want to advance your tech career. But that’s tough to do when you have a gap in your skill set. Whether it’s with a certain programming language or your ability to manage IT projects, the results are the same: You’re overlooked for new opportunities and promotions. What can you do?

You need a plan and the KC tech recruiters at Morgan Hunter can help. Below are four steps you can take to boost your tech skills and become more hirable:

#1: Identify the skills you want to build.

Do you need to learn more about cybersecurity technologies? Are you interested in AI, but don’t know much about it? Do you want to become a manager in your IT department, but lack the leadership abilities necessary? Whatever the case for you, it’s important to clearly define the exact skill or skills you want to acquire first. To do that, ask yourself:

  • What knowledge or skill gaps do I have for the job I want?
  • What skills do my co-workers have that I don’t but should?
  • Are there certain skill gaps on my team I could fill with the right training?
  • Which skill is most in-demand right now on the employment market that I don’t have?

#2: Develop a plan of action.

Once you know the direction you’re heading in, create a plan of action for getting there. For instance, what specifically do you need to do to go from where you are now to where you want to be? Are you going to attend classes, read books, join a professional association, or enroll in a conference, seminar, or college courses? Or is there someone in your office that has the skill you’re working on that you could shadow and learn from?

#3: Set specific goals.

After your plan is in place, set goals so you’re working toward specific milestones and can also more easily measure your progress. For instance, you might commit to listening to a podcast each day on your lunch break about the skill you’re working on. Or you could devote 30 minutes every day to practicing your new skill. These kinds of small goals will help motivate you, so you can more easily stay on track toward acquiring the in-demand skills you need.

#4: Volunteer for a project.

Once you’re feeling more comfortable with your newfound skill, volunteer to take on a project at work that enables you to put it to use. Applying it in a real-world way will help you to see how much you know and areas that still need improvement. It will also demonstrate your enthusiasm and ability to acquire new skills to your boss, as well as raise your visibility within your company.

Looking to advance your career in a new tech job in Kansas City?

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