10 Ways You Can Improve Productivity On Your Team

Shot of a group of young business professionals having a meeting.

It’s the dog days of summer. As a result, your team might not be as motivated as you’d like them to be. Short of asking them to work more hours, what can you do? There are many different ways you can boost productivity and get your people back on track toward getting more done. Here’s a look at 10 of them:


  1. Make goals and deadlines clear.

If your staff isn’t working toward defined goals and deadlines that are open-ended, then they’re going to spin their wheels. It’s therefore important to meet individually, as well as with your whole team to determine objectives and set specific dates for deadlines.


  1. Limit meetings.

Too many tend to be a huge time-waster for all involved. In fact, according to one report, an average office worker spends 31 hours each month in meetings that aren’t productive. So before you set up your next staff meeting, consider whether it’s really necessary.


  1. Schedule standing meetings instead.

These are just what they sound like – meetings where everyone stands – and can result in increased productivity and better outcomes.


  1. Discourage multi-tasking.

Researchers have found that those who multi-task actually lose both time and productivity. Instead, encourage your staff to focus on one task at a time, completing it before moving onto the next one.


  1. Create break times throughout the day. 

This might sound counter-intuitive. But if you want to keep energy levels up, then your team needs regular down time too. So request that they take breaks during the day, so they have the freedom and space they need to refresh and recharge.


  1. Encourage exercise.

When your team is healthy and exercising, they’ll have more energy and focus for work. So build in time during the day for them to take a walk or hit the gym.


  1. Avoid distractions.

Try to avoid distractions and persuade your team to do the same. For instance, they can do this by turning off their email, voicemail and text notifications, instead checking them at periodic points during the day.


  1. Create an aesthetically pleasing office.

When your office looks nice, it’s going to feel more comfortable. Even adding small elements, like plants and a few pictures, around the space can boost productivity.


  1. Allow more autonomy.

When your employees have the freedom to get their work done in their own way, they’ll feel more motivated and enthusiastic about it. So avoid micromanaging.


  1. Offer incentives.

When an employee truly goes above and beyond, reward their hard work. This will encourage them to continue performing well, while also motivating other team members to ramp up their efforts.


Is part of your productivity problem a lack of manpower?

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