Top Skills You’ll Need To Be A Software Engineer

man looking and fixing wires

The field of software engineering is a great one to get into. Not only are professionals highly in demand, but the salary is excellent, around $95,000 a year on average in the U.S.

While it can definitely be a rewarding and lucrative job in Kansas City, that also doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Having this position translates into a lot of responsibility and long hours that go with it.

So if you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to be a software engineer, here’s a look at some skills you’ll need to excel in this position:

Coding and Programming

You need to not only understand coding and programming, but also enjoy it, since it’s a vital part of the job. For instance, you’ll be regularly tasked with taking an idea and building out a program from scratch, one that integrates easily with existing software. To do that, you need to be familiar with current programming languages and operating systems, as well as keep up on new ones as they emerge.

Problem Solving

In order to ensure your program isn’t full of bugs and glitches, you need to stay one step ahead of problems. This involves thinking through how end users will use the program, ways things can go wrong, and how you can properly fix them, whether it’s through a simple solution or an out-of-the-box answer. When an issue does occur, you’ll also need to have the patience and focus to find and resolve it quickly.


From written to verbal, it’s vital that you have strong communication skills. You’ll often be responsible for taking non-technical stakeholders through your program, explaining it in a way that’s easy for them to understand. You also need to be able to clearly express your ideas and solutions, as well as persuade company leaders as to why it’s the best path to take.


You’re more than just a software engineer, but part of a diverse team. Not everyone on it will share your same perspective. As a result, you need to be able to collaborate effectively to ensure the best outcomes for the projects you’re working on.


You’re not simply building new programs, but also teaching others how to use them. You need to know how to do so in a way that’s clear and easy for them to understand.


As a software engineer, it’s vital that you’re constantly learning and growing your skill set. The world of technology is a fast-paced one, filled with new innovations, and you need plenty of curiosity and drive to stay on top of it all.

There’s a big demand for software engineers. If you think you’ve got what it takes to do the job, contact the team at Morgan Hunter. We specialize in IT recruiting in Kansas City and are always on the lookout for smart, talented professionals for a wide variety of roles. Contact us today or search our Kansas City IT jobs now.