Employee Spotlight: Pam Finnell, PHP, SHRM-CP


Every two weeks, we highlight one of our amazing recruiters so you can get to know the Morgan Hunter team a little bit better. This week we spoke with the Pam Finnell, Senior Recruiter in our Human Resources Division!


What did you do before you were a recruiter with Morgan Hunter?

I worked at Avila University in the Avila Advantage program and connected companies to education and training programs that Avila offered.

Where did you go to college?

I graduated from Avila University after first attending Iowa State University for 2 years.

What did you earn your bachelor’s degree in and why?

My degree is in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources.  When I attended Iowa State I majored in Fashion Merchandising, but that major didn’t really exist in Kansas City, so I chose Business/HR instead – it was a good decision!

What is your favorite ‘90s jam?

I’ll be honest and say that the ‘70s are really my favorite era for music, so my playlist includes groups like The Bee Gees and Earth, Wind & Fire!

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Lots of lettuce, veggies, chicken, and salmon. There may just be a bag of chocolate chips tucked away in the freezer, too!

If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you spend your money on?

I would share that kind of a financial windfall with family, give some charities a boost, and travel.

What would you do if you were given a month sabbatical from work?

I would travel across the United States and Canada in ‘planes, trains and automobiles’ and visit places I haven’t seen yet.

If we were to open your snack drawer, what would we find?

Protein bars, trail mix, and an apple.

What should employers expect in the 2018 market?

The market is tight and candidates typically have many options to consider. Employers have the best chance of hiring the candidate they want if they keep the interview process moving along quickly.

What should job seekers know about the 2018 job market?

Companies are creating new jobs all the time and there are certainly opportunities out there. Be persistent, professional, and available for conversations that could open doors for you.

If you could provide one tip to job seekers what would it be?

Get out there and meet people! An in-person meeting is still the best way to showcase both your personality and skillset.


If you are a job seeker or employer who would like to get in touch with Pam, email pfinnell@morganhunter.com or call 913-409-1210.