What Job Seekers Expect in 2018


What do job seekers want? It’s a question employers should be asking in 2018 if they want to land the best and brightest for their open positions. Finding talent has never been tougher. There are more opportunities for job seekers than there have been in the past decade, and companies will have to work hard to attract top talent.

Luckily, a new study has shed light on what workers want.

The 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study by Jobvite highlights what job seekers are expecting from potential employers. Here’s what they discovered:


You know you need to offer good benefits to attract the best people. Here’s what today’s job seekers are expecting:

73% – Healthcare

Most workers want the ability to get healthcare through their employer.

56% – 401k

More than half expect a 401k program. Married workers (63%) more so than single ones (49%).

43% – 401k match

Older workers (52%) expect a 401k match more than their younger counterparts (24%).

41% – Bonuses and stipends

Almost half of workers expect a bonus of some kind.

36% – Casual dress code

While not a majority, many people prefer a casual dress code.

22% – parental leave

Women (27%) mainly expect this perk vs. men (17%).

19% – Education subsidy

Some workers expect their employer to pay for their education.

16% – Remote work

Working away from the office is gaining popularity with the advent of technology that makes it more possible than ever.



While most of the best people are already employed, 82% said they would be willing to learn about other opportunities. If you want to keep your best employees, you may consider increasing their compensation.

According to the study, compensation was the most cited reason for leaving a job in 2017, followed by a lack of growth opportunities. Men (21%) were more likely to leave a job because of compensation than women (17%), and 35% men negotiated their salary compared to 26% of women.

Company Culture

What is the work environment at your company like? What are your company’s values? These are the questions job seekers are interested in. And the answers could be the difference between them choosing to accept or decline a position.

The vast majority (88%) of workers say company culture is of relative importance, and 46% say it’s very important. 15% have even turned a job down because of a company culture they didn’t like. And 32% would be willing to take a 10 % pay cut to work somewhere they’re more interested in or passionate about.


Every year brings new hiring challenges. And 2018 is shaping up to be no different. Finding the best people possible for your available jobs won’t be easy, but if you can offer competitive compensation, attractive benefits, and a welcoming company culture, you will have an easier time hiring the talent you need.


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