Employee Spotlight: Morgan Johnson

employee spotlight


Every two weeks, we highlight one of our amazing recruiters so you can get to know the Morgan Hunter team a little bit better. This week we spoke with the Senior Administrative Recruiter Morgan Johnson!


What did you do before you were a recruiter with Morgan Hunter?

I graduated college a couple months before I started at Morgan Hunter. I had an internship in corporate recruiting while I was in school and when I moved back home I came to Morgan Hunter for some help finding something. I loved it so much, I never left.

Where did you go to college?

The University of Arkansas – woo pig

What did you earn your bachelor’s degree in and why?

Psychology. My dream was to be a Psychiatrist.

What is your favorite ‘90s jam?

The Spice Girls of course in the 90s. Beyond that, I was a biggggg Eminem fan. Marshall Mathers was my first love.

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Always frozen pizza, coffee creamer, hot sauce, eggs

If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you spend your money on?

I would buy a house in KC and a vacation home somewhere warm. I would give some back to the people who have taken care of me, plan a giant vacation, and buy front row Chiefs season tickets.

What would you do if you were given a month sabbatical from work?

Hopefully, it would be right around the time I won my $100 million and I would travel to Europe.

If we were to open your snack drawer, what would we find?

Luckily the Administrative team always has snacks around. Right now, we have Cheez-Its, Sour Patch Kids, and Slim Jims.

What should employers expect in the 2018 market?

It’s still a candidate-driven market with a lot of competition for talent. 2018 is the year to think outside the box on how to retain your current employees and catch the eye of potential new hires.

What should job seekers know about the 2018 job market?

The market is great for job seekers right now. It’s a great time to explore all the new and exciting things happening with companies in Kansas City.

If you could provide one tip to job seekers what would it be?

Keep an open mind. Don’t let opportunities pass you by while you wait for the perfect job – try new things, meet new people and you’ll be surprised at what you might find.


f you are a job seeker or employer who would like to get in touch with Morgan, email mjohnson@morganhunter.com or call 913-409-1209.